How To Use OpenAI Sora? Most Accurate Video Generator Yet

Sora AI; How To Use OpenAI Sora

OpenAI first baffled the world with ChatGPT in 2022 and now it’s Sora’s chance. Personally, I do expect that kind of potential from it after seeing the OpenAI’s article on Sora. The clarity, accuracy, and quality that was shown in the videos were just top-notch. Seeing this, I straight away went to Google to search for how to use OpenAI Sora. All I found was ambiguity in answers but I drifted away reading about Sora.

Sam Altman really did prove that firing him was a bad decision. AGI will appear a bit later than we expect it to arrive. But Sora is definitely a source of hope that AGI is not that far. The way I was dazzled by Sora’s videos, I don’t doubt if Sora takes away jobs from, if not all, then some graphic designers. Worry not, You will get to know about the beauty of Sora further in this article.

Also, I will give you all the information I collected on how to use OpenAI Sora. This will help you experiment with the most advanced video generator AI yet.

How To Use OpenAI Sora?

Sora; How To Use OpenAI Sora

I found that Sora is still not released yet (16 February). Only posts and videos generated by Sora are uploaded by the OpenAI itself in their article. The Sora generative AI is not available for use to the general public yet. Still, here’s what I found on how to use OpenAI Sora:

  1. User will input a written prompt explaining what type of scene they want Sora to create. This prompt should be as much detailed as the user can imagine his result to be.
  2. Sora will collect this information and process it with its own knowledge and experience. Then, it will create a result that is as close as it can be to the user’s prompt.
  3. Once the result is generated, the user will be able to edit and make changes to the result as per their preferences.

The choice will be available but from what I saw, you will not be required to do too much editing. Even though OpenAI itself has labeled Sora as imperfect, which it probably is. But it is far more advanced than any other video-generating AI that exists yet. According to OpenAI, Sora might be weak in designing the physics of a complex scene or struggle to produce instances of cause and effect.

Impressive Facts About Sora

Sora; How To Use OpenAI Sora

The primary thing I found most impressive about Sora is obviously the results it generated. But it is much more than just that. Sora is built to have a deep understanding of language, enabling it to interpret prompts with an accuracy worth appreciating. Additionally, Sora is able to generate characters with complex emotions, and it is also able to understand how things work in the world.

Sora will be far superior to its competitors once it has been released. Sora will be able to generate 1080P movies with just a prompt and minimal editing skills. Most probably, it will take some while for Sora to be able to generate a full movie for users, though. Like any other AI, Sora will also take some time getting through the development phase even after it is released.

You will only be able to use the full potential of Sora after it has passed the development phase. There is no guarantee as to when that time will arrive, but OpenAI will most probably take user reaction and Sora’s performance after its release to develop its last version. 

Wrapping Up

I have given you basics on how to use OpenAI Sora after it is out so you must already be able to determine how easy video generation could be. With so much development in the AI industry in much less time, I would suggest you fasten your seatbelts.

There’s no saying where AI will take the world in the upcoming time. All we can do is stay tuned to the news and track what wonders AI unlocks. All the research about Sora makes me question if AGI is really as far as we are thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Use OpenAI Sora?

You can use OpenAI Sora just by giving it a detailed prompt of your idea.

Q2. When Will Sora Released?

There is no official news about when OpenAI will release Sora.

Q3. Can I Use Sora Right Now?

Sora is not available right now as of 16 February.

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