How to Start Spotify Jam Session in 2023: Unlock the Fun Easily

How to Start Spotify Jam Session

Hello Spotify Fans! I have some exciting news if you are part of the cool crowd that loves grooving to tunes with your squad. Spotify has just rolled out Jam, and if you are wondering how to start Spotify Jam Session? — well, you are in the right place! Stay tuned because I am about to dive into the world of Spotify Jam and show you the ropes.

You see, Spotify is not just about streaming your favorite tracks anymore; it is all about keeping things fresh and exciting. The Spotify AI DJ? That was so yesterday! Now, Spotify has upped its game with Jam, and trust me, it is a game-changer like Spotify Blend. But I get it; you probably have many questions and little info about it.

So, if you want to learn how to start Spotify Jam Session and take your music experience to the next level, you are in for a treat. Let us explore how it can make your music-sharing moments with friends more epic. Ready? Let us jam!

What is Spotify Jam?

All right, folks, let us break it down. Spotify Jam is a fantastic new feature Spotify rolled out to make your music-sharing moments with friends even more awesome. Imagine you and your pals huddled together, sharing your favorite tunes, and having a blast. That is what Spotify Jam is all about!

So, it is not just about listening to music; it is about doing it together in real-time. You can think of it as your own little virtual jam session with your buddies. No need to be in the same room; you can be miles apart and still groove to the same beats. Plus, it is super easy to learn how to start Spotify Jam Session. But hold on, I will tell you exactly how in a jiffy.

How to Start Spotify Jam Session?

Okay, so you are pumped up and ready to dive into the world of Spotify Jam, right? Great! Here’s the scoop on how to start Spotify Jam Session that will help you to know how to get Spotify jam session free:

Step 01: Update Your Spotify

First things first, make sure your Spotify app is up-to-date. You want to have the latest and greatest features, right?

Step 02: Pick Your Playlist

Find a playlist or song that gets you all excited. It could be a killer party mix or your favorite chill tunes. Whatever floats your musical boat.

Step 03: Hit The Jam Button

Look for the Start a Jam button. You will find it either by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen or in the three-dot menu within your favorite playlist, album, or song.

Step 04: Invite Your Crew

Time to bring in the squad! You can invite your friends and family, whether they are rocking the Free or Premium Spotify. They can join from anywhere, no matter if they are right next door or halfway around the globe.

Step 05: Choose Your Jam Mode

You have got options here. You can tap phones together if you are in the same room, scan a QR code, or simply share the link through social media, text, or even smoke signals if that is your thing (just kidding, no smoke signals).

Step 06: Jam On, Pal

Now that you are all set up, everyone in the Jam can add songs to the queue, see who added what, and get music recommendations. It is a real musical party!

Step 07: Host with the Most

If you are the host, you are the boss! You can decide who is in the Jam, change the order of the tracks, or toss out a song if it is not vibing with the crowd.

So, that is how to start Spotify Jam Session! Is not that as easy as pie? Get ready to connect with your pals over the songs and artists you love and maybe even discover some hidden musical gems along the way!

Is Jam a Free or Spotify Premium Feature?

How to Start Spotify Jam Session

Alright, let us clear this up real quick. Jam is Spotify’s way of bringing people together through music, and it is open to everyone, whether you are rocking a Free Spotify account or you are a Premium listener.

However, Premium listeners are the ones who start Spotify Jam Session. So, if you have got that Premium subscription, you are the designated DJ, my friend. You can start a Jam, invite your pals, and create a musical experience that’s tailor-made for everyone tuning in.

But here is the cool part — anyone on Spotify, whether they are on the Free plan or Premium, can join in on the Jam fun. Yep, you read that right! So, if your buddies are on Free Spotify, they can still hop on board and groove to the beats you are serving up. No one is left out in the cold.

So, in a nutshell, Premium listeners get the party started, and everyone, regardless of their Spotify plan, can jump in and enjoy the musical ride. It is all about sharing the music love, no matter where you are at.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, folks! That is the lowdown on how to start Spotify Jam Session. Now, it is your time to shine – share this knowledge with your pals, and do not forget to nudge your Premium buddies to start jamming together. The music party awaits, so let us get the jams rolling today!

For more juicy articles on all things Spotify, be sure to visit Path of EX regularly. Our team is always here to keep you grooving and in the know. Now, let us turn up the volume and rock on!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I start Spotify Jam Session with a Free Spotify account?

Absolutely! Premium listeners initiate the Jam, but anyone on Spotify can join the fun.

2. What is the difference between Spotify Blend and Jam?

Blend combines music tastes over time, while Jam offers real-time music sharing with friends.

3. How do I invite friends to my Spotify Jam Session?

You can invite them by tapping phones together, using a QR code, or sharing a link via social media or text.

4. How many people can join Spotify Jam?

Upto 32 people can join Spotify Jam.

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