How To Make Hoe In Minecraft | Crafting Process & Its Uses

Make Hoe In Minecraft

A wooden hoe is just one of the tools you can create in Minecraft, which is used for the agricultural community in the game. It is the item in Minecraft that tends to make life a little bit easier. So let’s learn how to make hoe in Minecraft and grow more crops using it.

The hoe can be used to create farmland with various seeds, like wheat or melon, through the tiling technique. Hoe is also used while making houses in Minecraft as it helps in digging the soil to get flat and plain land.

In this article, I will help you learn how to make hoe in Minecraft with a step by step instructions. We will discuss the various uses of hoe in Minecraft and the platforms that support this crafting. There are many various types of hoes in Minecraft, each with a unique set of features. Keep reading to learn how to make a hoe in Minecraft.

How To Make Hoe In Minecraft?

To make hoe in Minecraft and use it for farming is something every player enjoys. There are five different types of hoes in Minecraft that you can make: wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond, each with a varying level of durability.

Steps to make hoe in Minecraft

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Put 2 wooden planks in the first two horizontal grids. The last box in the row should be left empty. One stick should be placed in the center box of the second row. One stick should be placed in the center box of the third row. 
  3. The wooden hoe will now show up in the box to the right when you have correctly filled the crafting table.
  4. You must add the newly created wooden hoe to your inventory after you have finished crafting it.

There you have it, your wooden hoe, ready to use.

Uses Of Hoe In Minecraft

Hoe in Minecraft can be used for many different purposes. This tool makes things easy for the players while doing several activities at the crafting table. So let’s learn more about the uses of a hoe from the list below.

Uses of hoe in Minecraft.

  • Grass, dirt roads, and soil can all be turned into agricultural blocks by using a hoe. Aiming with a hoe at a block that can be converted, click the use button.
  • A hoe can harvest crops much more quickly and effectively than using bare hands.
  • When used to strike a mob or shatter a block, hoes don’t deal more damage or lose durability.
  • A wooden hoe can serve as furnace fuel, similar to any other wooden object in Minecraft. To smelt other things, place a wooden hoe inside the furnace.
  • Throwing a golden hoe on the floor will cause a piglin to become preoccupied and allow the player to run while it finds the hoe. The hoe won’t be handed back by the piglin, which is the only drawback.

Hope you make the most use out of your hoe with this article as you have learned everything about how to make hoe in Minecraft.

Minecraft Platforms That Support Hoe Crafting

Minecraft is amazing and is enjoyed by gamers on different platforms. So let’s find which platforms support making hoe in Minecraft.

These are the platforms that support making hoe in Minecraft.

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  •  Pocket Edition (PE)
  •  Xbox 360
  •  Xbox One
  •  PS3
  •  PS4
  •  Wii U
  •  Nintendo Switch
  •  Windows 10 Edition
  •  Education Edition

Wrapping Up

This is everything about how to make hoe in Minecraft. In this article, I have discussed steps to craft a hoe in Minecraft and its uses. I hope you find this article helpful in using the hoe in your game more efficiently. If you have any doubts regarding this article, please feel free to comment down below. Check out Path of EX for more Minecraft-related articles and other gaming platforms.

Happy Gaming!

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