How To Get XP Fast In Minecraft | 5 Different Tricks & Tips

Get XP Fast In Minecraft

Survival in Minecraft gradually becomes harder. With time, you need more XP, as XP is the solution to many different issues in the game. As you accumulate more of it, the easier it will be for you to survive on this server. So let’s learn how to get XP fast in Minecraft from this article.

Players must concentrate their efforts mostly on leveling up in order to obtain some of the coolest items in Minecraft. Having enough XP over the long term has become even more crucial while attempting to obtain the best gear and keeping it in light of the addition of Mending enchantment in Minecraft. 

Getting XP has become quite tedious and challenging, which is why players have begun to come up with simpler, quick-fix remedies to the issue. So scroll down this guide and learn everything about how to get xp faster in Minecraft.

How To Get XP Fast In Minecraft | Easy Tricks 

Collecting glowing experience spheres will provide you with XP. Additionally, a player in Minecraft can get experience by defeating enemies, raising animals, trading with locals, etc. 

As the player collects orbs throughout the game, their character can level up and acquire the capacity to procure new equipment. For funding, enhancing, and advancing your armament and game advancement, you must earn XP as needed and over time. 

There are various ways to gain more XP fast in Minecraft; doing so will make it simpler for you to play the game and strengthen your position.

5 Best Ways To Get XP Faster In Minecraft 

1. Killing Mobs

A Minecraft player will be attacked by an enemy mob when they come into contact. Of course, the player needs to protect himself and get rid of the monster. 

Players can earn XP fast in Minecraft in addition to merely surviving the fight and obtaining any items the mob may drop. After beating a group, the player gains XP in proportion to the sort of group they defeated.

Listed below are a few mobs you can farm: 

  • Enderman
  • Zombies 
  • Skeletons 

The most efficient way to level up through combat with hostile creatures is to use a farm, which can be built by players and used to make gaining XP during the grind faster and more convenient.

2. Construct A Makeship Farm

If building vast farms seems frightening or time-consuming to you, you might find solace in the knowledge that there are other quick ways to build impromptu farms. After finding a Stronghold and fulfilling the mission to unleash the End, one of them instructs you to kill the Ender Dragon. It will, however, consistently produce XP fast in Minecraft. 

You simply need to build a simple platform no higher than three blocks, stand precisely beneath it, and look at the Enderman all around you. You can gain access to enchantments, armor, and other useful items by building a functioning villager trading hall.

3. Trade With Villagers

Trading with nearby villages is a frequently disregarded yet potentially useful way to obtain XP fast in Minecraft.

Up to six XP are awarded for each villager swap, which may not seem like much, but they rapidly pile up and can be helpful in other areas of the game. You can gain access to enchantments, armour, and other useful items by building a functioning villager trading hall. 

The biggest disadvantage is that you will need to gather a lot of resources and other items before the villagers agree to any further type of trade with you. But collecting these things might also give you more experience points.

4. Breed Animals

Animals can give XP in two different ways. The first method is by breeding, which costs an orb each time a new animal is born. Breeding passive mobs is a crucial part of farming in Minecraft for a variety of reasons; extra experience is a pleasant perk. Animals are captured on the first day, and either the second or third day is spent breeding them. 

Farming benefits from fighting skeletons since their frames drop bones and fighting them also grants experience points (used as fertilizer on crops). In turn, produce can be used in the breeding of animals. The second method is trading the breed animals to get XP fast in Minecraft. 

5. Mining Ores

The most dependable and quick way to gain XP faster in Minecraft is through ore mining, and the worth of various ore types might vary substantially. Prioritize the mining of ores that give XP right away, such as Redstone, coral, lapis, diamonds, and emeralds, as opposed to iron and gold, both of which must be smelted before use. Mining Nether quartz has produced the best results so far because it offers the highest reward of 3.5 XP. 

The Nether, a more challenging region of the planet, is the only place where this can be acquired. The best one to mine after that would have to be Redstone. Since caverns and cliffs have been altered, however, novice players could prefer to look for a mountain biome as an alternative to caving or strip mining. 

Caves are typically dangerous places to investigate, even if they may contain ore, and diamonds and other expensive items are frequently discovered close to the bedrock. 

Strip-mining becomes more challenging with the addition of additional caves in the update because there is a higher chance of running into open spaces with monsters. On mountain summits, which is a much safer environment, coal and iron appear more regularly.

Wrapping Up 

This is everything about how to get XP fast in Minecraft. Get your XP using any of the methods mentioned above and enjoy using it while playing with your friend. You can also check out other amazing features of Minecraft at Path of EX and use them while gaming. Do mention in the comment section your favorite method of getting XP in Minecraft.

Happy Gaming!

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