How To Kill Chargers In Helldivers 2 & Stratagems To Use

How To Kill Chargers In Helldivers 2? Easy Ways To Kill The Chargers

As you know, there are different types of aliens in Helldivers 2, and the Charger is one of them. You can encounter a single Charger or come across a group of them in the game. Either way, they’re difficult to kill. So, players are looking for tips on how to kill them. I’ll tell you how to kill Chargers in Helldivers 2 in this game guide article.

Sometimes, the best stratagems fail to kill a charger. That is why you have to act smart when you’re dealing with them. You can use the Guard Dog to kill them and still fail. So, how do you exactly kill them? Well, stick with me, and you’ll find out.

You cannot be reckless while dealing with the Chargers. They’re extremely powerful and brutal and they do not show mercy at all. If you make a wrong move in front of them, they’re going to literally rip you into pieces. So, you better be careful and on your toes. However, let’s move ahead and find more information on how to kill Chargers in Helldivers 2.

What Are Chargers In Helldivers 2?

Chargers are one of the strongest and most dangerous aliens in Helldivers 2. They should not be taken lightly, or you’ll be a fool. They are terrifying and massive in size. They’re like war tanks, only breathing and moving on their feet with skin as hard as armor.

Chargers are hard-hitting adversaries and need to be dealt with smartly. If you make one wrong move, you’re dead. Chargers have a certain element of surprise, which makes them even more threatening. Always be on your toes; you never know when encountering a Charger.

How To Kill Chargers In Helldivers 2?

The first time you will come across a Charger is when you unlock Medium difficulty. To unlock Medium difficulty, you will have to complete missions on both Trivial and Easy levels. One of the prominent differences you will notice between Easy and Medium difficulty is the introduction of armored aliens like the Charger.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter more Chargers and other armored enemies. So you better be prepared. There will be situations when you will have to fight multiple Chargers in one operation. So, If you want to kill these beasts, follow the steps below.

Here’s How To Kill Chargers In Helldivers 2:

  1. Make sure there is enough distance between you and the Charger. That way, you will have more time to select and set up your Stratagems.
  2. Look for obstacles to get in its way. Use whatever you can, but make sure it’s big enough, at least bigger than a deployment crate. If you get the chance to hide behind a big rock while it’s charging at you, you can stop it for the time being. 
  3. One of the most effective ways to kill Chargers in Helldivers 2 is to work with your squad members to bait it. This will help you target its weaker spots while it is trying to attack other members of your squad.

What Stratagems To Use Against Chargers In Helldivers 2?

If you want to kill or defeat a Charger in Helldivers 2, you will need a Stratagem that can damage its armored skin. You can also use stratagems that have explosive traits. The Recoilless Rifle or the EAT-17 Expendable Anti-Tank are good stratagems to use in Medium difficulty.

The Expendable Anti-Tank is another amazing stratagem to take down Chargers. It only allows one shot each time and has a quick cooldown time. If you’re using the Recoilless Rifle, you will get a support backpack with it that you or your teammate can reload. You can use Eagle Airstrike or Eagle Napalm Airstrike to kill Chargers, as it will create walls of fire and explosions that will clear the zone by taking out every Charger.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to kill Chargers in Helldivers 2. Follow the steps I mentioned and kill those mean beasts in no time. I have discussed the stratagems that will be perfect for taking out these Chargers. So, move ahead with confidence and kill every Charger you come across. However, if you liked reading the article, then do let me know in the comments below. And follow Path Of EX for more.

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