How to Get Jynxzi Charm in Rainbow 6 Siege | Fix Jynxzi Charm Not Showing

How To Get Jynxzi Charm in R6

Jynxzi is a talented Twitch streamer who has been an active member of the Rainbow Six Siege community for a while now. Alongside other streamers such as Get_Flanked and FastAnne, Jynxzi got a personalized charm in the Rainbow Six Siege game that you can get. But how do you get the Jynxzi Charm in R6?

At the start of every season, Ubisoft introduces fresh streamer charms to the game. Fans like you can easily get these charms, like the Jynxzi Rainbow 6 Siege charm by subscribing to that streamer’s Twitch channel with a linked Ubisoft account.

Read on to what the Jynxzi Charm in R6 is and how you can get it for your R6 account. Also, learn how to fix the issue if your Jynxzi Charm is not showing up in your inventory!

What is the Jynxzi Charm in R6 | Jynxzi Charm in Rainbow 6 Siege

 Jynxzi Charm in R6

Jynxzi Charm in Rainbow Six Siege is an Exclusive streamer charm that players can get when they subscribe to Jynxzi and watch the Twitch streams with their Ubisoft account linked.

The Jynxzi charm can be attached to weapons, but it doesn’t provide any gameplay advantage. Its purpose is purely aesthetic.

How to Get Jynxzi Charm in Rainbow 6?

Are you interested in getting this amazing addition and want to know how to get Jynxzi Charm in R6? You can get the complete step-by-step process here:

Steps to get Jynxzi Charm in Rainbow 6:

  1. Subscribe to Jynxzi’s Twitch channel
  2. Enter the channel’s chat.
  3. Type “!LINK”
  4. Link your Twitch account.

That’s all! Once you complete these steps, you’ll finally get the Jynxzi charm in your inventory R6 that you can show off to your friends.

How to Fix Jynxzi Charm Not Showing Up?

 Jynxzi Charm in R6

Many subscribers have noticed their Jynxzi charm not showing up even after completing the process to get it. So if you waited a couple of hours to get the charm and saw nothing, don’t be disappointed because you’re not alone. But what do you do when this happens? Let’s find out why you didn’t get your Jynxzi charm in R6.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Maybe your internet connection is weak or disconnected, causing the Jynxzi Charm to not show up. To make sure this is not the case, reconnect to your internet and check your inventory.

2. Make Sure Your Twitch Is Linked to Your Ubisoft Account

The next thing to do if your Jynxzi charm is not showing up in R6 is to make sure that your Twitch account is linked to the Ubisoft account you use. If not, link the accounts and try again.

3. Make Sure You Have Registered for Twitch Drops

You have to be sure that you’re registered for Twitch Drops by using this link to sign up for Twitch Drops. Once you do that, try using the process to get the Jynxzi Charm in Rainbow 6 again.

4. Check the Account Connected to Twitch

Make sure that you connected/linked the Ubisoft account that you’re using to play Rainbow Six Siege. If you’re using a different account, the Jynxzi Charm will not show up because it will only show up in the account linked with Twitch.

5. Wait At Least 48 Hours For the Charm to Show Up

If you’ve made sure everything above is done and working and still can’t get the Jynxzi Charm, wait for at least 48 hours before reaching out to Ubisoft customer support and lodging a complaint.

Wrapping Up

Ubisoft honored Jynxzi, along with other streamers, by introducing custom charms in the game during the Year 7 Season. Fans of Jynxzi like you can show their support by subscribing to their Twitch channel and claiming the in-game Jynxzi charm for yourself!

Happy Gaming!

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