How To Get Angel Cake In Disgaea 7 | Unlock The Maiko Class

How To Get Angel Cake In Disgaea 7

Disgaea is one of the most amazing games that has been stealing the hearts of many for many years. This article will reveal how to get Angel Cake in Disgaea 7. Go on and get your hands on the two popular methods required to obtain this class in the game.

There are many classes found in Disgaea 7 that are divided into two kinds: Humanoid Classes and Monster Classes. A new class, Maiko, is added in the game’s recent update, where a player has to finish Maiko Green Room using Angel Cake.

As a player progresses through the game, he unlocks many quests and classes. To learn how to acquire Angel Cake in Disgaea 7, make your way into this article, get your hands on the game guide, and try two popular methods. Let’s go!.

How To Get Angel Cake In Disgaea 7

How To Get Angel Cake In Disgaea 7

Angel Cake is one of the rarest items, using which one can unlock the Maiko Class in Disgaea 7. However, it is not an easy task to get it as it can take a lot of time than expected. Go on and learn about the ways to get it; let’s go!

Method 1: Purchase It From a Specific Shop in Carnage Mode

The very first method is to get the Angel Cake from a specific shop in Carnage Mode. Although it will be very time-consuming, the reason is that the Carnage Mode is unlocked after finishing the game.

After the game is finished, head back to Chapter 6 and complete your quest. With this, you will be able to unlock the shop. In this shop, you can get anything except the legendary spear.

Method 2: Find in Item World

In the second method, you can find the Angel Cake in an Item World. Head on to any Item World, irrespective of the rank or level of the item, and then update the Current Route to the Mystery Room Route.

After reaching this place, you will locate a shop or NPC selling this item. However, it can cost you time if your luck fails.

You can also hire a research time to improvise your tactics to find Angel Cake.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to get Angel Cake in Disgaea 7. As a new Maiko class launched in the game, it increases the desire to obtain Angel Cake in the game. To get so, a player can try two popular methods: Buying it from a specific shop or exploring the Item World.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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