How To Evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet Into Rabsca | Rellor Location

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Yes, that’s correct. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet into Rabsca. Evolving Rellor is not as easy as reaching the next necessary level and getting rewarded. So, let’s explore and learn how to evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet from this article.

As we already know, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is full of surprises with new twists like Shiny Pokemon without noises and a Pokemon breeding process without a nursing home. Another brand new twist in the game is Pokemon evolution. Learn how to evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet from this article. 

Rellor is a dung beetle Pokemon who can be evolved into Rabsaca in Scarlet and Violet. You have to put in a little work first; you can’t immediately level it up. The Asado Desert is one region on the map where Rellor can be discovered. Find out more interesting and learn how to evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet from this Pokemon gaming guide

Where To Find Rellor In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Rellor Pokemon Location

How To Evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet Into Rabsca | Rellor Location

You have to find Rellor first to know how to evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet. In Scarlet and Violet, Rellor can be found in the Asado Desert. A dung beetle was used to create this Rolling Pokémon, although that wouldn’t be very Pokémon-friendly. Instead, Rellor makes a ball of mud out of dirt and psychic energy, its values the most more than its own life, according to its Pokédex record.

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How To Evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet | Rellor Evolution

To evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you must use the Let’s Go feature and walk Rellor 1000 steps before Rellor evolves into Rabsca. Simply press the R button to summon it to walk with you.

How To Evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet Into Rabsca | Rellor Location

Rellor is a rather weak Pokémon; thus, it is evident that letting it roll around attacking other Pokémon with its prized mud ball won’t go well for it. But don’t worry; we have a simple trick that will enable you to effortlessly and fast evolve your Rellor.

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Fly to Alfornada and take a five-time stroll up and down the high street, which has about 200 steps. If you go too quickly, your Rellor will simply return to its Pokéball, wasting your time so I advise you to go slowly. You should be alright if you pan the camera upward and keep Rellor visible at all times while moving.

Simply leveling up your Rellor after walking 1000 kilometers will enable Rellor to evolve. This can be accomplished by engaging in combat in the grass nearby or just by utilizing XP goods or a Rare Candy. So this was how to evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet fastly.

Wrapping Up

So, this was everything you had to know about this Rellor evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We learned the location of Rellor, and we also learned how to evolve Rellor Pokemon Violet. Share this article with the ones who are in need of the Rellor evolution.

That’s it for now. Do share your thoughts on Rellor by posting a comment below. Enjoy your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gameplay. I want you to visit Path of EX once and check out my other Pokemon articles.

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