FBVideoDown – The Best Way To Download Facebook Videos Online

Facebook videos are one of the most anticipated content that are uploaded in order to connect with your friends on Facebook. Once the video is published, there are several places where people can view it, including the Feed page or on Facebook Watch. 

The videos shared on Facebook vary and some of them may attract your attention that you might wanna save them to watch them offline. 

Even though Facebook provides the function of saving video, it might not offer you the best quality. Or maybe the videos are private, thus, you will not find the ‘save video’ option.

FBVideoDown is what you need to solve all the issues.

Part 1. What is FBVideoDown?

Part 2. Download FB Reel Videos On FbVideoDown

Part 3. Download FB Story On FbVideoDown

What is FBVideoDown – Facebook video downloader?

FBVideoDown is an online tool to download content from Facebook. To be more specific, it could function as a Facebook video downloader. Videos from users’ posts and videos from the Watch menu, all of them can be downloaded in the highest or original quality. Not only video posts but FBVideoDown can actually download 90-second short videos on Facebook. Last but not least, it works as a Facebook story saver as well. The Story here is not only limited to video, but it can also download photos from Story.

We do not have to provide any personal information and all these functions are available for free without limitation. 

This site can be accessed from any device, including smartphones (like Android or iPhone) and PC (like Windows, macOS, or Linux).

And yet, unlike other free platforms that hold on to many annoying ads, FBVideoDown is completely free from ads. We won’t have to watch a series of video advertisements before saving the FB content to our device.

Finally, FBVideoDown is designed for the best user experience as it has a pretty simple user interface. 

Download Facebook Reel Videos On FBVideoDown

It will only take a few steps to download Facebook reels to your device. No matter which device you’re using, the steps are pretty much the same, here is how you can use it.

Step 1: Find the reel video on Facebook 

Log in to your account on the Facebook app or website > explore the Reel homepage, and find the one you wanted to save.

Step 2: Copy the Reel’s  URL

Tap on the three-dots icon on the top right corner, find the Copy Link menu and tap on it. 

Alternatively, you can also copy the link directly from the address bar if you’re using a browser. 

Step 3: Paste the Reel’s URL 

Open your browser and type in FBVideoDown. On the page, paste the link on the search box which states “Paste the Facebook link here”, then tap the blue Download button.

Step 4: Preview and download

Lastly, you will see a preview video and a Download button. Tap on the Download button under the preview video and wait for a few seconds, it will start the downloading process. 

Download Facebook Story On FBVideoDown

Next, if you find interesting content on the Story page, follow these steps to save and watch them offline.

Step 1: Find the Facebook Story

Go to Facebook’s website or app, log in to your account, and start exploring the story’s homepage.

Step 2: Copy the Story’s URL

Tap on the three-dots icon located in the top right corner, find the Copy Link option and tap on it. If you’re using a browser, you can also copy the link from the address bar. 

Step 3: Paste the link on FBVideoDown website

Open the browser, go to FBVideoDown, and paste the link into the search box on the website. 

Step 4: Watch the preview video and download

Re-watch the Story you wanna download and tap on the Download button again to save them to your device. 

Wrapping up

We have introduced you to the best way to download Facebook videos without an application. Now, it is your turn to try it and spread this information to your friends and family!

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