How to Enhance Your Writing Skills with Apps

How to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Whether you are an amateur or a pro writer, having the right writing skills should be your top priority. Many apps help to improve and enhance your skills. The apps correct spelling and grammatical errors while improving clarity and readability.

Other apps offer training opportunities and have features that enable you to organize thoughts into writing. Read on to understand how you can enhance your writing skills with apps. 


ProWritingAid is another powerful app you can use to enhance your writing skills. It functions as a style editor, writing mentor, and grammar checker. It is an important tool for all different kinds of writing. Whether you are a pro essay writer or an amateur, this app will aid in editing and sentence structure. And if it does not work the way you want, you can order the academic paper you want from a professional essay writing service.

The app can spot any adverbs and words you have overused and passive voice misuse. It is an affordable tool and, therefore, ideal for budget users. ProWritingAid has a prompt and impressive support service. It provides articles, videos, and quizzes that make writing interactive and fun while enhancing your writing skills. 

Hemingway App

Hemingway app is one of the best apps for enhancing writing skills. If you are looking to write strong and simple sentences, leverage this app. It enables you to create short and bold sentences by pointing out important edits.

Hemingway app spots statements that are very dense, too complex, or long. It also highlights complex words and unnecessary adverbs. It enables you to correct areas with passive voice misuse. 

Many writing experts who offer dissertation help to students highly recommend the Hemingway app. Download the Hemingway app or use it on the web to improve the readability of your writing. 

iA Writer

iA Writer is a suitable app for articles and short blog posts. It is cost-effective and a great option for small projects. Its minimalist design makes it easy to use and is quite appealing. Although it does not come with templates, you can export to medium and WordPress directly.

The focus mode feature of iA Writer enables you to eliminate distractions while writing. The app also has a full-screen mode that highlights your writing position while fading all the surrounding writing.


Grammarly is one of the most popular apps among writers. It helps you to create texts that are free from mistakes. Grammarly scans text for misplaced modifiers, punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors.

It acts as a safety net, providing detailed explanations for any text mistakes. By taking note of these explanations, you can avoid making mistakes in the future. To enhance your writing skills, just implement what you learn from the explanations. 

Grammarly is available for Android and iOS devices. The free and premium subscriptions work as browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can also use Grammarly in Microsoft Outlook and Word, desktop apps, and Google Docs. 


Scrivener combines various tools to enable you to create better quality content. As an author or a student, this app will serve you well. You can use the app to write different types of documents and search for sources.

You can also break your work into small portions for ease of management. Scrivener has powerful features that allow for formatting and highlighting phrases. You can add photos, annotations or comments and view pages.

The app is suitable for different file formats. You can put into Scrivener different kinds of files such as audio, movie, Ms. Word, plain text files, or PDFs. You can compose text in any way and compile your work to make it easier to compile.

The management system of Scrivener simplifies the writing process because it has templates for screenplays. The app works on Windows, Linux, and Windows. 


To write content effectively, you need to have organization skills. Evernote has a simple onboarding system offering a step-by-step guide to content organization. You can create a fresh notebook for every piece of writing.

One of the most amazing features of Evernote is the Notebook stacks. This allows you to organize content based on the type of the project and the status. As such, you can easily jump between projects while maintaining the details.

Another feature of Evernote that can help you to save time when creating content is the screenshots. Evernote will save your work in an open folder. It also has a plain and simple chat platform. You can send a folder including notes with comments and screenshots. 


Ulysses is almost similar to Scrivener, but it offers better user experiences. It is an excellent app to hack document formatting and improve writing skills. Once you understand the formatting style, it will be easier to maintain content flow while writing and editing.

Ulysses offers keyword labels, progress tracking, and split view features. It is easier to line up your projects neatly in a sidebar to avoid wasting a lot of time searching for them. Ulysses runs on iOS and MAC devices. 

Create content with confidence by taking advantage of the app’s style check helps and built-in grammar. The app is available in multiple languages and offers suggestions for semantics, capitalization, and punctuation. 


The above apps can help you to enhance your writing skills. They have diverse editing, spell-checking, storage, and organization features. Other apps check grammar flow, plagiarism, sentence clarity, and the use of tones. Use these apps to learn the better application of writing skills and create better content. To effectively use the apps, you need to consistently research, read widely and practice writing. 

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