How To Beat Monsters in Lethal Company | Conquer The Enemies

How To Beat Monsters in Lethal Company | Conquer The Enemies

Many monsters are found in Lethal Company, trying to loot various moons throughout the gameplay. Each and every monster has its own set of abilities, and hence, it is not an easy drill to beat them during your gaming session. Let’s move further into this article; you will find detailed information about How to Beat Monsters in Lethal Company. Let’s go!

Lethal Company is surely one of the most popular games available, known for it survival-horror genre. Many players are found drooling over this thrilling addition to the gaming industry. While some are surfing about its available platforms, others are curious to know how they can defeat their enemies.

Make your way into this article and learn about how many kinds of Monsters are there in Lethal Company and how you can beat them. Step forward!

How Many kinds of Monsters are There in Lethal Company: Lethal Company Monsters

Monsters are an integral part of Lethal Company, where players must defeat them to move further in the game. There are three kinds of Monsters Lethal Company that includes:

  1. Outside Monster
  2. Inside Monsters
  3. Outside Nighttime Monsters

Without any further ado, let’s move further into this page and see how the monsters in each category can be defeated in Lethal Company. Go on!

How to Defeat Monsters in Lethal Company: Outside, Inside & Nighttime Monsters

How To Beat Monsters in Lethal Company | Conquer The Enemies

Following is a detailed guide on avoiding Monsters in Lethal Company in various categories. Go on and conquer your enemies. 

NameCategoryHow To Defeat
Roaming LocustsOutsideThey are harmless and will run away if you get too close to them.
ManticoilsOutsideGet close enough and attack.
Circuit BeesOutsideThey are avoidable if you don’t get too close.
Baboon HawksOutsideAttack them carefully as two hits will surely kill you.
Hoarding BugsInsideGetting too close will trigger them so try hitting them with a shovel or stop sign.
Snare FleasInsideRun as fast as you can. If they get you, they’ll slowly blind you.
Spore LizardsInsideThey will mostly run away unless they are cornered with nowhere else to go.
HygroderesInsideTry avoiding it as two hits will take you out of the game.
Bunker SpidersInsideDon’t walk into their webs and try hitting them with a shovel or a stop sign to stop them in their tracks.
Flower ManInsideStare the Flower Man down, but not for too long. Staring stops the Flower Man, but staring too long gets the Flower Men to attack.
ThumpersInsideTake as many corners as you can because turning makes them go slower.
Coil-headsInsideDon’t look or touch them, otherwise, they will attack. Have a teammate stare them down while you walk past so long as you return the favor.
JestersInsideYou can run away from them easily until they start changing phases, and then they start alarming other monsters and chasing you down. You cannot hide from them.
Ghost GirlInsideWhoever sees her is out of luck because if she touches them, they are instantly killed.
Forest KeepersOutside NighttimeRun away. If a Forest Keeper catches you, you automatically die.
Eyeless DogsOutside NighttimeJust run away. Otherwise, try hitting them with a stop sign or a shovel.
Earth LeviathanOutside NighttimeRun away as their attacks are lethal with just one hit.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to defeat monsters in Lethal Company. The monsters are divided into three categories in the game: Inside, Outside, and Outside Nighttime. Read through this page and conquer all the monsters coming onto your interface. Let me know which one literally dropped your sweats. 

Path of EX is a promising platform. Let me know if you have any more doubts, and I will try to solve them for you ASAP. 

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