How To Play Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle | Beat Chess Pieces Moves

Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle | All The Chess Pieces Moves

In addition to the main plot, there are a tonne of other things to accomplish in Hogwarts Legacy. One of those challenges is Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle. Treasure vaults are tiny caverns that are dispersed throughout Hogwarts Legacy’s globe and hold a single piece of equipment and a few ships. Now let’s head on and learn how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle.

Warner Bros. has made sure you won’t get weary if this genre of game interests you. The bulk of activities has some value. Some of them will be offered to you as trials, some as collectibles, and some will be there to fill your pockets and add equipment to your collection, which you can then utilize or trade for ships to purchase other items in the game.

To obtain the treasure from a few of them, you must solve Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzles. One that involves the chest is the most difficult. In this article, I will guide you in solving the Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle. Keep reading to find out how.

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle?

In order to solve Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle challenge, you must first become acquainted with the fundamental chess board roles. Including finishing side missions, discovering caverns and dungeons, rescuing magical animals, passing trials, eradicating hostile camps, and several, many more stuff.

Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle | All The Chess Pieces Moves

Steps To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle

  1. The first thing you ought to do after entering the vault and seeing the chessboard ahead of you is use Revelio to find the lone chess piece. The unfortunate thing is that you won’t be capable of finding it; rather, a piece of crockery will be next to the chess board.
  2.  Perform the Transformation spell on the crockery to turn it into a chess piece.
  3. The lost chess piece is typically a bishop, but occasionally different pieces may be discovered in its place. Remember that the chess piece will ultimately morph back into its original form, so move quickly.  
  4. Now take up the chess piece with Wingadium Leviosa and place it where you may complete the checkmate.

NOTE: If a bishop is the lost chess piece, you would need to place it diagonally to assault the king. If all went according to plan, you would have killed the king and found the treasure trove.

All Chess Pieces Moves in Hogwarts Legacy | How To Beat Chess in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle | All The Chess Pieces Moves

To complete the Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle, cast the Transformation Spell and move the chess piece into checkmate. Continue reading to find out how to solve the chess problem, where to look for the Treasure Vaults that contain it, how each chess piece moves, and more. Now scroll down and learn everything about all the chess pieces’ moves.

Chess PieceMove
Pawn・Can move one space forward and take a piece diagonally.
Knight・Can move in an L-shaped pattern.
Bishop・Can move at any number of spaces diagonally but it cannot jump over other pieces.
Rook・Can move at any number of spaces in a straight line.
Queen・Can move at any number of spaces in a straight line and diagonal line.
King・Can move in one space in any direction.

And that’s how you solve the Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle.

Watch How To Play Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle

Chess Puzzle Hogwarts Legacy

Wrapping Up

Everything you need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle has been mentioned in the article, and how to solve the said puzzle. Let me know in the comments down below which side quest was by far the most interesting to you. Check out Path of EX for more Hogwarts Legacy-related articles and many other gaming platforms.

Happy Gaming!

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