Should You Give The Rune Tablet To Gerlinde Or Sparky In Lords Of The Fallen?

What Will Happen if You Give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde?

Lord of the Fallen is an action role-playing game where a player can experiment with different levels of customization while creating character builds. In this article, I will reveal who is Gerlinde and Sparky and who should you give the Rune Tablet to. Go on and allow us to solve your confusion with ease today.

It is an amazing RPG game that features multiple quests all along the gameplay. Whether it is about saving the Petrified girl or handing over the Rune Tablet, each activity is a big challenge for all of us. However, you can keep the drill moving by sharing all your experiences in the official Discord server of Lords of the Fallen and enhancing your gameplay.

A rune is an item used to provide strength to the weapons in the game. However, players do need a rune tablet on priority. Let’s delve deeper through this page and learn whom should you give the Rune Tablet to: Gerlinde or Sparky. Continue to read and decide your course of action.

Who are Gerlinde & Sparky in Lords of the Fallen?

What Will Happen if You Give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde?

Before diving into the detailed information on what are the benefits and consequences of giving Rune Tablet to Gerlinde or Sparky, let’s clear the air concerning who are these two characters in Lords of the Fallen.

Gerlinde is one of the essential NPCs in the game who manages the attack power of weapons using Deralium Stones, whereas Sparky is a character filled with mysteries who has an in-depth knowledge of Runesmithing.

Despite such superior command in Runesmthing, Sparky refuses to share with Gerlinde as she thinks she will misuse it for her evil intentions. Gerlinde treats Sparky as her slave.

What Will Happen if You Give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde?

If you decide to give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde, she will thank you happily and will ask you to claim your reward later. She will sell you items at a lower price. However, Sparky will have to work for her, even with bitter intentions. He tends to note that he is not shocked to encounter a traveler who prefers greed above morals.

Now, wrap to another location, return to Skyrest, and interact with Gerlinde again. You will be given a rune called Crafter’s Essence that removes all weight and stat requirements on any shield or weapon you socket into. It has a diamond shape, due to which you can add the rune to gear having diamond-shaped rune slots.

What Will Happen if You Give the Rune Tablet to Sparky?

If you decide to give Rune Tablet to Sparky, he will not have to work for Gerlinde anymore. He will thank you by teaching you the proper method to enhance weapons at Vestiges. However, this will make Gerlinde crazy, and she will increase the rates of all products in her shop permanently.

Sparky will grant you the strength to runesmith at any Vestige checkpoint. Using this, you can upgrade your socket runes or weapons into them by yourself anytime, without having to wrap back to Skyrest and wait for the Gerlinde to do it for you.

Who Should You Give the Rune Tablet: Gerlinde or Sparky?

What Will Happen if You Give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde?

Well, that’s a tough choice. It totally depends upon your objective in the game. If we think from the game’s perspective, it will be a good thing to give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde. Although the ability to Smith from Vestiges is amazing, it is more about convenience. It won’t serve you with any advantage in your combat. The Crafter’s Essence also gives multiple spare equipment for heavier armor.

On the other side, if you choose to give a rune tablet to Spark, it will be the correct thing to do. Morally, Gerlinde is a dominating one who treats Sparky as her slave. After you choose Sparky over Gerlinde, she will make her items more expensive in the shop.

It is better to choose Sparky over Gerlinde as it will upgrade your weapons straight from Vestige, and you don’t have to buy it from Gerlinde at a higher rate.

Wrapping Up

You can give a Rune Tablet to any character: Gerlinde or Sparky. However, you should make a note that Gerlinde will be a great option if we think from a game point of view, but Sparky is a feasible choice if you think morally, as this will upgrade your weapons as well.

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