How to Fix KiK Random Chat Disappeared in Under 2 Minutes?

How To Fix KiK Random Chat Disappeared in 4 Steps Under 2 Minutes

Kik random chats are reported to be disappearing. Are your chats also disappearing like some of the Kik users? There is a possibility of facing this problem. Now the question is how to fix Kik random Chat disappeared.

Kik is one of the most popular apps among teenagers and young adults. It offers a wide range of features private chat, group chat, and random chat features. Everything on social media is not a hunky dowry. At times, it can prove fatal, and in the meantime, you can lose something important.

Users are complaining their random chats are disappearing entirely, whereas some complain that the Kik app is not working as it should be. What are possible causes and fixes? To know, read this article.

Can You Fix KiK Random Chat Disappeared?

How To Fix KiK Random Chat Disappeared in 4 Steps Under 2 Minutes

Yes, you can fix Kik random chats when they are disappeared. Before fixing any problem, it is important to know the root cause of the problem. So in order to fix the problem of Kik random chat disappearing; firstly, you must know the possible causes that could have led to your Kik random chat disappearing from your device. Let us delve deep to know the causes and the fixes.

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Why Kik Random Chat Disappeared?

There can be a single or more than one reason that can lead to KiK random Chat disappearing. What could be these possible causes? Here are a few enlisted for you.

1. Used a New Device: If you have switched over to a new device. In case you have logged in to a new device. Then your chat might be deleted by Kik.

2. Kik Itself Deletes Old Messages: Kik has set a cap for the storage of messages. Kik automatically deletes the messages once that limit is surpassed. The limit has been set at 1000 messages for iPhone and 600 messages for Android.

3. Weak Internet: Your message on KIk can disappear due to poor, weak, and unstable networks.

4. Bug In the System: Sometimes, there is an unavoidable bug that occurs in the system and overpowers the Kik app. As a result, it can lead to random messages disappearing.

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How To Fix KiK Random Chat Disappeared?

How To Fix KiK Random Chat Disappeared in 4 Steps Under 2 Minutes

Since you don’t know the certain and sure reason for the random message disappearing, barring the reason of message limit exceeding. You can do nothing about it. And you can’t alter it. But there are other ways to fix other possible causes by following the given methods.

1. Check the Internet Strength:

Check that you have a proper, strong, and stable internet connection. Check the strength of the internet speed on the speedo meter. You can try switching over from Wi-Fi to Mobile data and vice versa. It might help you.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall the App:

Many times, such issues are fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app over and again. You can try this option. In case this method of fixation will work for you.

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3. Restart the Device:

Many users find this method as the most workable, easy, and convenient way to fix the issue. It can help you in removing the bug. So restarting is a viable option to fix the random chat disappearing on kik error.

4. Update Kik to the Latest Version:

Once the latest and updated version of a particular app is available, it starts to develop bugs and cause undue interruption. To avoid errors like this and others. You need to update your app to the latest version available.

Wrapping Up

There is no definite reason for the Kik random chat disappearing. At the same time, there is no definite solution to fix the problem. It can be due to any of the above-given reasons and thereby can be fixed by applying the methods given above in the article. In this article, I have tried to answer your query about How to fix Kik’s random chat disappeared.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Has Kik set the limit to save messages?

Ans: The limit set for saving the messages has been set at 600 for Android and 1000 for iPhone.

Q: What are the causes for Kik’s random messages disappearing?

Ans: To cross the set limit, logging into a new device, outdated app, etc.

Q: How to fix the Kik random messages disappearing?

Ans: Check your internet connection, update your device or app, Restart your phone, and uninstall and reinstall the app.

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