Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram | 6 Fixes to Solve Your IG Story

Can't share posts to story Instagram | 6 Hacks to Solve Your IG Story

The Instagram app has been under the scrutiny of users for quite a long time. The app has upgraded its features and the version app. Users are facing continuous glitches on the app. Recently the problem is Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram. Most users are facing this problem and cannot find a suitable solution for the same.

I have curated the updated article below, where you will find the fixes required to solve the problem. I have also used them to solve my problem which I faced on Instagram and it was solved within no time. Read the article and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

How to Fix Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram?

There can be many fixes for not being able to share Instagram posts on stories. If you are facing similar problems, read ahead and understand how to fix the problem below.

1. Reset Resharing Toggle

Reset Resharing Toggle

You should reset the allow resharing to stories option. You can do that by going to your app’s settings and enabling the option to share your story. Once you do that your problem would get solved.

2. Uninstall Instagram

Uninstall Instagram - Can't share posts to story Instagram

When you uninstall and reinstall the app, it helps fix the app and solve your problem. This would not remove any data from your account, and your problem gets solved.

3. Clear Cache

clear cache - Can't share posts to story Instagram

When you clear the cache used by Instagram, you also clear the bugs and glitches that restrict you from smoothly working on the app. You can choose to clear the cache whenever you wish to, and your app will start working properly.

4. Use a different device

Use a different mobile to log into your device and share your post. This might solve your problem. Some users have used this fix, and they have benefitted. You add a post to the story button that would also reappear once you log in from another device.

5. Make the Account Public

make the account public - clearmake the post public - Can't share posts to story Instagram

When you make your account public, you will be able to share the post in the story as the option is available only in public accounts.

6. Report a Problem

report a problem- Can't share posts to story Instagram

When you are unable to share a problem in the story, you can make a complaint on the app and resolve your problem. This method should be applied when the above fixes do not apply to your problem.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has loads of features in its app, and it may malfunction when you use it. In that case, you can refer to the fixes written above, one of them would definitely come to the rescue. If you wish to get more hacks on Instagram or other social media platforms then refer to our website Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I experience can’t share post to story Instagram?

When you experience problems like can’t share a post on a story on Instagram, you may have to change the type of account you are using. Also, there can be glitches in the Instagram app that restrict you from using it.

How can I fix the issue of can’t share post to story Instagram?

When you wish to fix the issue of can’t share posts on Instagram, follow the few steps-
1. Uninstall or reinstall the app
2. Report the problem
3. Clear the cache
4. Open the app on another device

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