Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Walkthrough: FF7 Rebirth CHAPTER 1 Guidebook

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Walkthrough: FF7 Rebirth CHAPTER 1 Guidebook

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough is one such hellish experience! It has intense drama, spectacular graphics, and intriguing characters- a perfect combination of epic fantasy video games. This guide on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough will take you through the first chapter, “Fall Of A Hero,” details.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been released on 29 February 2024. It is developed by Square Enix. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is exclusively available on PS5. The video game continues the story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, introducing new journeys and challenges along with the veteran characters. This Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough will give you a tour of the first chapter.

FF7 fans enthusiastically participated in the FF7 Rebirth State of Play event to get a glimpse of their favorite series. Despite the FF7 Rebirth ending leak, fans have welcomed the storyline. Now, let’s begin with the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough details.  

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Walkthrough | Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Chapter 1 Walkthrough – Fall of a Hero

There are 14 chapters in the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth video game. Each chapter covers an exclusive quest. As the game progresses, you will find plot twists, unexpected affairs, and shocking deaths in this Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough. 

You can play the FF7 game by choosing the difficulty level from the game settings menu. When you start to play, the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth game will open right after the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read this Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough for more information.

Zack Rescues Aerith

  1. The game scene starts with the Interlude scene. A flash of news appears on the screen, stating that Zack has successfully saved Cloud.
  2. Now, you can control the Zack character by using the control settings. Use the walk/run control to move Zack through the building. Go to the door to evacuate the place.
  3. Take the exit on the other side into the rubble to get out of the place. Locate the helicopters.
  4. You will face enemies. Use your combat powers to defeat them.
  5. After killing the enemies, locate Aerith and rescue her.

Cloud – Sephiroth Mission

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Walkthrough: FF7 Rebirth CHAPTER 1 Guidebook
  1. Now, chapter 1 will officially begin. The game will take you to a flashback sequence. Now, the game is reset, and you will be five years back in the past event.
  2. This section focuses on Sephiroth and Cloud. You will play as Sephiroth now. She and Cloud are on an important mission together. 
  3. Face the enemies and kill all of them to complete the challenge. When you complete the mission, the game will be shifted to the present time.
  4. Now, it will be shown that these scenes were actually reminiscing by Barret, Cloud, and Tifa in the present day. Now, you will play as Cloud in the game.
  5. Go to the village. Locate chests in different locations.
  6. Go to the main square at the top of the hill. There, you will have to interact with the water tower.
  7. Now, go to your own home and play the piano. After that, go to the Nidhogg Hotel to meet Sephiroth

Adventures Of Tifa

  1. The game will start with a new day. Now, one more character named Tifa will join in.
  2. Sephiroth, Tifa, and Cloud embark on a new mission together. On their way to Mt. Nibel, they find different gift boxes. Smash boxes to get bonus rewards and exclusive items.
  3. Two insect monsters will attack you. Use your force to kill and defeat them. This will unlock new trophies.
  4. Follow Tifa to reach the mountain. You will face multiple challenges and enemies on the way. You can use combat skills and spells to defeat Flying Foes while crossing the bridge.
  5. Cloud will now take a different route, and you will be given access to Assess.

Go To Mako Measurement Facility

  1. Cloud faces enemies on her way. Pick up boxes and smash them to get boosters. Keep walking on the same path until you reach the dead end.
  2. Tifa will call Cloud and guide her to come in another direction. Now, take the same route to come out of the place. Follow Tifa’s directions. Locate a gap in the rock. Cross it to reach your lost team.
  3. Sephiroth will discover a console. Tap on it to access the Mako Measurement Facility.
  4. Go inside and take the Level Boost Materia. Board the elevator. 
  5. When you reach the top, you will encounter another enemy, Screamer. Use the Fire weapon to kill Screamer.

Reach The Mako Spring

  1. Now, take the stairs and reach to the top. The elevator will not work due to a Mako gas leak. Clear the Mako gas by disabling the machine. Now, unlock the elevator. Take the elevator to get out of the scene.
  2. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the elevator and destroyed the path, throwing Tifa, Cloud, and Sephiroth into the river under the bridge. Swim to reach the shore and climb up the cliff.
  3. Take rest to restore your health and immunity. Equip yourself with Materia. Face new enemies and defeat them. Now, head back into the cave to reach the Mako Spring.

Battle With Materia Guardian

  1. Explore the cave and defeat enemies on your way. You will reach a wooden path. Take the Magnify Materia to continue your exploration. It will lead you to the main path.
  2. You will encounter a new monster named Zu. You can beat the monster by using the Synergy Skills. Take reference from the given tutorial on beating the devil.
  3. After defeating Zu, find the staircase and the Precision Defense Focus Materia on the roof.
  4. Climb up to reach another elevator. If the elevator is not working due to Mako gas, change the machine settings to clear Mako gas. Open the double doors to remove the machine and clear the gas.
  5. Block the machine by putting it back between the gap in the fence. Go to the Rest Stop and enter the cave. Challenge the Materia Guardian. Since he is weak to Fire, use the Assess power to defeat Materia Guardian.
  6. Combine spells and powers together for an effective battle. Attack on Materia Guardian’s legs multiple times. Finally, use the Synergy Ability called Double Helix to hunt him down.

Mission To Find Sephiroth

  1. Now, the story will be shifted to a new cutscene. Now, you will play as Cloud. The game will progress by taking you along with Sephiroth in the reactor. Use the elevator to evacuate the scene.
  2. Sephiroth tells Cloud to close the outside valves. However, a sudden blackout happens, and Sephiroth goes missing. Now, you must find Sephiroth.
  3. Take downstairs and reach Shinara Manor. Take the left turn from the stairs and enter the manor. Locate the dining room. It is on the left side of the door with a green button.
  4. Press the green button and access the elevator to reach the basement. You will find Sephiroth in the library.

Shocking Truth Of Sephiroth Origins

  1. Sephiroth is conducting some gruesome research in the library. It is revealed that Sephiroth is a bad guy, and he is actually covering up something more sinister and evil.
  2. Cloud finds that the village has been attacked by a mysterious creature. She goes back to the village to save people. Check out Cloud’s home and her mother. Go to Town Square to reach the village.
  3. However, Sephiroth confronts Cloud and attacks on her. Moreover, Sephiroth brutally murders townfolks. Use L2 and R2 weapons to attack. A series of cutscenes explains the entire brutal encounter.
  4. The story shifts to a new scene. Tifa visits Cloud in the middle of the night. They exchange deep conversations.
  5. After the chat, head back to the room and rest. The first chapter ends here, and the game starts in the second chapter.

Wrapping Up

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough covers the complete story of FF7 Rebirth chapter 1. The first chapter introduces the characters and their powers. It has many challenging levels and boss encounters to keep you hooked. Can you guess how long is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? If you are a pro player, this game is a must-try. If you have any questions or queries about the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough, drop a comment below. Keep reading Path of Ex for more gaming articles.

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