FF7 Rebirth Ending Leak | How Does Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth End

FF7 Rebirth Ending Leak | Shocking Spoilers Ahead!

The FF7 Rebirth ending leak is trending even before the release of the official video game. That shows the power of the Final Fantasy franchise and the curiosity of the FF fans. If you also wonder what happened in the FF7 Rebirth ending leak, this guide will help you.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the latest installment of the Final Fantasy series. The action role-playing video game was launched on 29 February 2024. The single-player video game continues the Final Fantasy VII Remake story and focuses on the iconic characters’ fate. So, what is the FF7 Rebirth ending leak? Let’s find out here.

Ever since the release of FF7 State of Play details, fans have been speculating about the deaths, affairs, and twists in the FF7 Rebirth. Now the game has been released, some speculations are indeed true. This article will tell you everything about the FF7 Rebirth ending leak 2024. Keep reading.

FF7 Rebirth Ending Leak | Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ending Leak

The FF7 Rebirth narrative revolves around the previous installment. However, FF7 Rebirth will see minor changes that alter the original Final Fantasy storyline. The confirmed FF7 Rebirth ending leaks are-

Death Of Aerith

Aerith dies in the game. Sephiroth kills Aerith. He was after the Black Materia, a powerful item capable of summoning Meteor and destroying the planet. So, Aerith decides to pray at the Forgotten Capital to summon Holy to kill Meteor. 

In the meantime, Sephiroth appears and kills Aerith. However, the White Materia rolls out from behind Aerith’s hair ribbon and into the water below, summoning Holy. Despite her best efforts, Aerith finally dies.

Multi-Stage Final Boss Fights With Sephiroth And Jenova

The game has multiple boss battles. So, you will have to face not one but many bosses in different timelines. Thus, the final boss battle might take more than one hour to complete. The main bosses in the FF7 Rebirth are Sephiroth and Jenova and their various forms. 

When you face Jenova Lifeclinger, dodge area-of-effect attacks all around the arena and chip away at her HP. After defeating Jenova, the game will be shifted to Zack’s timeline. He will be facing the human-form Sephiroth. Lastly, you will fight the mutated form of Sephiroth. 

Multiple Timelines In FF7 Rebirth

There are two main timelines. So your choice of making decisions is crucial. In one timeline, Aerith and Zack die. However, the other timeline keeps Aerieth and Zack alive. Only Zack and Cloud know about different timelines. Since they are playable characters, you can explore both timelines on your own. Play the game to find your alternate ending.

Easter Eggs In FF7 Rebirth

The game ends in a cliffhanger. The epilogue scenes in the game tell about an unseen character named Glenn. He appeared briefly in the battle royale game Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier and is a playable character in the mobile retelling of the FF7 compilation Ever Crisis. 

Glenn might play a major role in the next installment of the Final Fantasy series. There are more cryptic scenes showing two glowing, porpoise-like sea creatures rising from the depths. They might be giant monsters created by the planet to defend itself against Jenova.

Wrapping Up

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article on the FF7 Rebirth ending leak. The game has been released now. Play this amazing adventure video game to explore the endings on your own. You can also explore the Final Fantasy 16 video game or play Final Fantasy 14 Ocean Fishing Bait to have fun. If you have any questions related to the FF7 Rebirth ending leak, drop a comment below.

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