Does Spotify Wrapped Minutes Include Podcasts – Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Spotify Wrapped data on a phone; Does Spotify Wrapped Minutes Include Podcasts - Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Are you being bombarded with Spotify Wrapped Minutes by your family and friends all over your social media? It is Spotify-wrapped season, and people are all about flaunting their Spotify minutes on their feeds. Spotify app is one of the most famous music apps with some great features, including Spotify Wrapped. What your Spotify-wrapped minutes are made of is the concern of many users, whether it is just music or podcasts too. Let us find out does Spotify Wrapped Minutes include podcasts.

With the unveiling of Spotify Wrapped, users are full of queries regarding it. These questions range from the average minutes listened on Spotify, highest minutes listened, top played artist, and more about Spotify Wrapped 2023 is making the internet abuzz. The music enthusiasts are all pumped up about Spotify Wrapped 2023 and what news it will bring further.

Keep reading to find out more about does Spotify Wrapped Minutes include podcasts & learn everything about what comprises your minutes.

Does Spotify Wrapped Minutes Include Podcasts?

a girl playing spotify on her phone; Does Spotify Wrapped Minutes Include Podcasts - Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Yes, Spotify Wrapped Minutes does include Podcasts as well as audiobooks. Your overall listening minutes contain all the time you spent on the app listening, irrespective of whether it was music or podcasts. As a result, your most-played artists and genres are determined by the total number of plays, while your most-listened podcasts are determined by the total time devoted to listening.

What Is Included In Your Spotify Wrapped Minutes?

Spotify Wrapped minutes contain a complete breakdown of your listening activities, including:

1. Music: This includes the entire duration spent listening to music, whether it’s individual songs, full albums, or curated playlists. Every moment devoted to any musical content on the platform contributes to your aggregated listening time.

2. Podcasts: Your total listening duration devoted to podcasts, comprising episodes and playlists, is included in your Spotify Wrapped minutes. Whether you binged on true crime, caught up on the latest news, or explored educational content, all your podcast listening time is calculated.

3. Audiobooks: Additionally, Spotify Wrapped accounts for the total time you spent engrossed in audiobooks. Every minute dedicated to an audiobook contributes to your overall listening minutes, capturing your engagement with spoken-word content on the platform.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Spotify Wrapped Minutes shows all your time listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. It’s a way to see how much you’ve enjoyed different kinds of content on Spotify. By including podcasts and audiobooks, Spotify Wrapped Minutes will surely boost its minutes so that its users can look good on their social media feeds. 

I hope this article helped you figure out does Spotify Wrapped Minutes include Podcasts!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Spotify Wrapped Minutes count time spent listening to podcasts?

Yes, Spotify Wrapped Minutes include time spent listening to podcasts, music, and audiobooks. It covers all audio content listened to on the platform throughout the year.

2. Will my top podcasts be included in Spotify Wrapped based on my time listening to them?

Yes, Your top podcasts on Spotify Wrapped are calculated based on the total time you’ve dedicated to listening to them. It reflects your most-listened podcasts throughout the year.

3. Are audiobooks also considered in the Spotify Wrapped Minutes count?

Yes, your listening time for audiobooks is included in the total Spotify Wrapped Minutes.

4. What is included in my Spotify Wrapped Minutes?

Your Spotify Wrapped Minutes includes the entire time you have listened to music, podcasts, and audiobooks throughout the year.

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