Simple Ways To Customize Your Instagram Story Highlights 

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Instagram highlights are derived from Instagram stories. Highlights on the Instagram profile are a feature that helps to make eye-catching moments showcase. Now you must be wondering! What are the different ways with which you can customize your Instagram story highlights?

Instagram highlights can be related to a jar of collections for similar theme stories. This jar gives you full liberty to add stories, which you want to make a highlight. The best part is that you can name every highlight as per the collection in it. You can be very creative, with every highlight in your unique way. Your creativity will last forever there.

These days Instagram highlights have become the main channel of advertisement for brands to engage their users. This engagement will in turn increase sales. Hence try to be more uniquely creative to customize your Instagram story highlights. It will act as a brand cover for your page.

Interesting Ideas To Understand How To Customize Your Instagram Story Highlights

Make the best use of the highlights marketing jar for your business. These highlights will give shape to your ideas along with the branding of your products. Scroll down to know more about it.

1. Add Your Brand Vibes To Your highlight Covers

simple ways to customize your Instagram story highlights: add brand vibes to your highlight cover

Do not feel confused as many big institutions these days, are also using Instagram highlights. This highlight feature adds a great effect to their page.

Do not freak out by thinking that you do not have any graphic knowledge. You can choose any product photo of your brand or brand logo photo. How will you create a highlight cover? It is very simple just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to Instagram profile
  • Make a long press on any highlight, on your page
  • A pop-up will appear, click on Edit Highlight
  • Now on the screen, you will Edit Cover option, click on it
  • Gallery icon will appear. From your gallery, you can choose any pic as your cover
  • Click on done
  • Refresh your page
  • Your cover will be updated on your profile

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2. Add an Alphabetical Cover to Your Highlight  

simple ways to customize your Instagram story highlights: add alphabetical cover to your higlight cover

One of the interesting styles with which you can customize your Instagram story highlights is the Alphabetical addition. These alphabets will help to create your brand name flash on your page. For example, your brand name is Wings, to make it count as a highlight cover. You can make covers of each alphabet, like W as one cover, I as another cover and so on till S. Along with each alphabet, you can add your logo too.

Now you must be thinking about how to get all alphabets with the same background effect? No need to stress out, I’m here presenting a solution to create your very own alphabets designs. Simply follow these easy steps.

  • Go to the profile page on Instagram
  • There you find + sign near your display picture.
  • Click on it +, you will find a blank black screen, click on it
  • Now you will find three options on the screen ie. create, boomerang and layout
  • Click on create
  • Now you can choose the background color of your choice
  • Here you can each alphabet, and adjust its size
  • Now on the upper side, you will find … this sign, click on it
  • Then click on save 

After following these steps, your created cover will be saved in your gallery. Now you can upload it any time as a highlight cover.  

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3. Use Logo Grid for Highlights Cover 

Here I have a very innovative idea, to customize your Instagram story highlights, which will bring out your business logo. If your logo has a picture, here is the time to make full use of it. You can grid out your logo in different pictures (3 or 4). This will make it ultra prominent in your profile. New visitors on your page will be curious to understand your logo. With that curiosity, they will open and view each of the logo grids.

Gridout logo will be the best strategy to customize your Instagram story highlights. Let us discuss how you can grid your logo. For that, you can install an app on your phone named grid post. This is the easiest and most freely used app. I myself use this, it is accessible on ios and Android.

Steps to make your personal logo.

  • Install grid post in your device
  • Open it, click on create girds
  • Click on photo grids
  • Choose a photo from your gallery (your logo)
  • Then choose the grid type, preferable for highlights will be 3×1
  • Click on Next
  • Click on camera 
  • All the grids will be saved in your gallery

Do not wait to use this innovative idea to customize your Instagram story highlights.  

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4. Put Illustrated Cover on Your Highlights 

simple ways to customize your Instagram story highlights: illustrated covers on your highlights

Illustrated photos are quite a trendy way to customize your Instagram story highlights. Illustrated pictures give an extra edge and add more sparkle to your story highlights. To create an illustrated picture you can use pics art. Make your page an eye-stopper for every visitor. Create your very own illustrated pictures and upload your cover.

5. Create Your Own Pop-Up Background

simple ways to customize your Instagram story highlights: create your own pop-up background

What adds more volume to your Instagram story highlight cover is the background. To make your highlight a hit. We can use applications like picsart, canva. They have amazing pop-up colored backgrounds, which will add light to the highlight cover. 

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Wrapping Up

Above mentioned all the ideas will surely gonna improve your leads. Create an amazing impact on your users. Wish you a great deal of an increased number of users this year. Grab your creative tool, to customize your Instagram story highlights and nail it.


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