Can You Romance Multiple People In Cyberpunk | 4 Romantic Options

can you romance multiple people in cyberpunk

Are you striving to learn if you can romance multiple people in Cyberpunk? I’ve got you covered! No matter what the storyline is, nothing can keep us off the bench in the matter of LOVE. On this page, I will unveil everything in regard to romance in Cyberpunk and multiple romantic options. Dig in!

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and Night City, one can encounter multiple romantic options on the go. Whether it is about getting into hookups, flings, or a serious relationship, getting attracted toward the preferred choice of character is a natural course.

Hence, this guide will walk you through 4 romantic options in Cyberpunk, which you can prefer in the gaming world. Go on and see how this game blooms love for you and where you can find certain characters.

Can You Romance With Multiple People in Cyberpunk?

can you romance multiple people in cyberpunk

To begin with, you cannot romance with all four in Cyberpunk, depending on your gender. However, it is allowed to romance with two out of four romance options in the game.

You can also just indulge in a physical relationship or fully invest yourself from heart and soul into a relationship. If you are bold enough, you can also have a romantic relationship or flings with multiple characters at one point in time.

List of Romance Options in Cyberpunk

Well, there are four main romance options one can opt for in Cyberpunk. Have a look below and learn which one of these four sounds appealing to you in V:

1. Judy Alvarez

can you romance multiple people in cyberpunk

Judy Alvarez is one of the main options, which is mainly inclined towards a feminine body type and is attracted towards voice tone wholly. She is encountered prior to the end of Act One as a friend of Evelyn.

2. River Ward

Well, catching up on the River Ward is not an easy job, the reason being she is only active when you take a side job named I Fought the Law. He mainly prefers a female body type, with whom, even if you say you like him, you will be able to romance him anyways.

Adding more, adding this relationship to your story will have implications for the ending.

3. Panam Palmer

can you romance multiple people in cyberpunk

Featuring another romantic option Panam Palmer, she is a nomad clan member who is encountered via the main jobs in your quest while searching for Anders Hellman. She is attracted to a male body type and introduces you to an important relationship required to embark upon every ending possible.

4. Kerry Eurodyne

To begin with, you can only romance Kerry Eurodyne if you explore the side jobs like Rogue and Johnny. With him, you can enjoy boat trips, steam on romance, and also enjoy the view of the beach all-in-all. He mainly likes masculine body type and voice tone.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Can you Romance Multiple People in Cyberpunk? Check out the above guide and learn how you can indulge in romantic relationships in the gaming world.

Also, Path of EX is an open space. Come along fi you have any doubts and we will get back to you asap.

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