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Twisha Shah
Twisha Shah
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If you are a constant video game player or passionate about videos, then you need to choose a good charger for your iPad song with a good stand. With so many brands offering iPad chargers, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your device. To help simplify the buying process, I created a best-buying guide for iPad charging stands in 2023, so have a cup of coffee to know more about it. 

A good charging stand is not just that; it charges your battery. There are a lot more technical things that you should know. Likewise, compatibility, height, adjustments, and much more. I have covered all the factors in this blog that will help you to buy a good charging stand with advanced features. 

Whether you’re looking for maximum protection for your device or other things, with our detailed reviews, we’re here to help you make the right choice and get the most out of your investment.

What Should I Know When Buying an iPad Charger?

When buying an iPad charging stand, there are many factors that you need to understand to choose a good product. I have shared below all the factors that you need to know before buying it. 

  1. Compatibility: Compatibility is the most important thing for iPad chargers and charging stands. If your charger is not the right fit for your device, then it will be a waste of money. So, make sure you choose the compatible one.
  1. Power output: You should choose a charger that gives perfect power outputs for your device. Usually, iPads require a charger with an output of at least 12W, but some models may require more.
  1. Cable length: The length of the charging cable should be considered when choosing a charger. Shorter cables may be more portable and easier to store if you need to use your iPad while it is charging. Longer cables may be more convenient if you have to use your iPad while it is charging.
  1. Brand reputation: whenever it comes to buying electronics, always choose a good brand. Buy a charger from a reputed brand so it will not damage your device.
  1. Safety features: Make sure the charger you choose has safety features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and short-circuit protection. It is possible to safely charge your iPad with these features and prevent any damage to it.

Overall, you should keep in mind all of the above-given factors while choosing a charging stand for your iPad. So, it will give you regret free shopping experience. 

What are the Features of the PITAKA iPAD Charger Stand?

When shopping online for an iPad charger stand, it’s important to exercise caution and do your research in order to make an informed purchase. Rushing the decision could result in wasted money on a subpar product.

Luckily, there are many brands of iPad chargers available online. One such brand, PITAKA, offers unique features and functionality that set it apart from the competition. If you’re in the market for an iPad charger stand, then it’s worth taking a closer look at what PITAKA has to offer.

By carefully considering the features of the PITAKA iPad charging stand so you can make a more informed decision and find the case that best suits your needs.

PITAKA is not only well known for its Apple product cases, but it has more than that. 

If you are using an iPad and want to make it more comfortable for your online meetings and video calling, then your need a good iPad charger stand. PITAKA is the one, and only brand that has a unique iPad charger stand. If you want to know more about the MagEZ charging stand, then read more. I have listed all the features of this charging stand so you will get a better idea of this.


  1. Hands-Free Relief
  2. Strong Magnetic Attachment
  3. It can be used for a workstation
  4. Adjustable workflow
  5. Boost Your Productivity with PitaFlow for Tablets
  6. Designed ergonomically for eye level
  7. +32.5°/-5° adjustable vertical angle
  8. Supports landscape and portrait mode
  9. Qi wireless charging base

Compatibility : 

  1. Works with MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro 12.9″ & 11″ (2022/2021/2020/2018), MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro 12.9″ & 11″ (2022/2021)
  2. Attached to iPad Pro 12.9″ & 11″ (2022/2021/2020/2018) without a case


In conclusion, I’ve provided detailed information on how to choose the best iPad charger. By considering some important factors like protection, materials, design, and compatibility, you can make an informed decision for the best charger. 

Choosing a good charger will help you in many ways. Your device battery will stay longer, and your device will not get heated due to frequent charging. By following the guidelines, you can confidently choose a charger that provides optimal protection and fits your budget. 


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