Are PS4 Servers Shutting Down In 2025 | Learn The Truth Behind The Rumors

Are PS4 Servers Shutting Down In 2025 | Learn The Truth Behind The Rumors

Are PS4 Servers Shutting Down? Will PS4 online servers shut down? Gaming Community is shocked by the sudden news of Sony shutting down the PS4 servers. Is it true or is it just a temporary rumor? In this article, I am going to discuss the truth along with every other possible detail. So, just join in and explore!

The PlayStation 4 (PS4), a highly acclaimed video game console created by Sony Interactive Entertainment, has garnered widespread popularity for its exceptional gaming experience. Epic Games, NBA 2K24, etc., are super exciting to play on PS4. Despite its immense success and dedicated player base, there has been a rising unease among gamers regarding the potential shutdown of its servers.

Players are eagerly waiting for the official announcements from Sony Interactive Entertainment to address the situation and provide clarity on the fate of the PS4’s online services. Meanwhile, in this article, you can grab the most latest update on PS4 servers shutting down. So, without further ado, let’s answer your question – Will PS4 online servers shut down?

Are PS4 Servers Shutting Down?

Are PS4 Servers Shutting Down In 2025 | Learn The Truth Behind The Rumors

There is no official statement available on “PS4 Servers Shutting Down”. On April 14, 2023, Sony revealed its decision to shut down the servers of the PS4-exclusive game “Guns Up,” rendering the game unplayable. This has left PlayStation gamers with a limited window to savor the game and attain its numerous trophies. The reason behind Sony’s action stems from the game’s insufficient widespread popularity and a lack of an active player community.

In a recent Sony’s latest investor briefing revealed a slide called “Evolving Shape of First Party Portfolio.” The slide disclosed the percentage breakdown for releases by platform. Surprisingly, the PS4 was completely absent from the 2025 section.

Sony did not mention the PS4 in any upcoming releases for that year. And this is the reason gamers are assuming that Sony might shut down the PS4 servers in the near future, probably by the year 2025.

So, what do you think? Will PS4 online servers shut down? Well, let’s not assume and overthink this. Before Sony shut down PS4 servers, there will be a concrete official announcement about it. Back in 2023, there was this same confusion going on but PS4 is still available.

So, I will suggest, just wait up for the final official statement and stop listening to the rumors going on.

Wrapping Up

The PS4 has been a massively successful gaming console, providing countless players worldwide with diverse gaming experiences. Its legacy has profoundly influenced the gaming industry and set a high benchmark for upcoming consoles. Now, Sony might concentrate more on promoting and supporting the PS5. Nonetheless, the PS4 maintains a considerable user base and boasts an extensive collection of games.

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