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Best AI Music Generators ;AI Music Generators

In the era of reels, music has attained an important position in our lives. Whether it is for providing soothing background music to your Instagram story or dancing to a tune for your reel, music is everywhere. With millions of tunes to choose from, do you still want to make your own music? Here is how you can do that with the help of AI Music Generators.

With everything in our lives succumbing to AI, how can music be any different?  We can do anything today with AI at our service, even if we don’t have the talent for it. Making music is a skill, and not everyone is born with it, but today we can make music with AI generators easily. Who needs skills when you have AI?

AI Music Generators are the newest trend and growing every day. With so much to explore and so many tunes that can be made with these generators, the possibilities are infinite. Not just amateurs but professionals can also use these AI music generators to improve their music. Let us try to learn all about these music generators.

10 Best AI Music Generators

The first step to being able to make your music with AI music generators is to get a basic idea of how these work. We first feed lots of tracks and music to the AI music generator and then let it analyze and process that data. We can try to feed as many genres of music as possible to make more diverse music. Like most AI-based tools, AI music generators also work on analyzing and processing data. 

After analyzing the data, AI music generators recognize the pattern of the compositions, and then they will be able to compose the melodies that somehow look alike to the data fed to them. The market for AI music generators is quite vast, and a lot of names can be thought about when it comes to AI music generators. Here is a list of some of the best AI music generators.

1. Amper Music

ampere music; AI music generators

The first name which comes to mind in AI Music Generators is Amper Music. It is quite unique when it comes to music generation. It gives its users control over the output. It does not give synthetic music. You can change the timings of key moments, swap out instruments, change the entire composition style, and more. The mood of the composition can be changed by a user easily also.

Amper Music builds a new track from the prerecorded and then gives actual audio. A free trial was given by the website gives users an advantage to generate music with AI easily.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy edit available
  • Cloud-based platform


  • Expensive


  • The price is $83 per month

2. Soundraw.io

Soundraw; AI music generators

Soundraw.io is another good and easy-to-use AI music generator. Instead of spending hours of your time creating a track or music for your videos, just let Soundraw generate music for you in seconds. This tool generates many variations for you, and you can choose among them that you like more and use it.

The platform also lets you customize your music according to your need. The app also provides a free trial, but to download unlimited music created by you, you need to subscribe.


  • Easy to use
  • AI tools combined with Manual ones
  • Unlimited downloads for a subscriber.


  • It cannot be used for free.


  • A monthly plan is available for $19.9
  • A yearly plan is available for $16.6

3. Soundful

Soundful home page; AI music generators

If you are looking for platforms that will help you to generate background music for your videos, reels, and podcasts, then Soundful should be your choice. This particular music generator has been curated by sound engineers and producers of the industry to make it suited to even professionals. 

The AI music generator provides a custom feature also. The app provides free use to personal users with ten downloads.


  • It can be used for professionals too.
  • Free for personal uses
  • Many genres to choose from
  • Affordable


  • Less number of downloads are possible with the free version


The price is $7.42 per month 

4. Ecrett Music

ecrett music; AI music generators

Ecrett Music is another way to create royalty-free music with AI. The tool has a simple, intuitive interface that helps to make music easily. The music generated on Ecrett can be used to music a video, podcasts, stories, and games. The instruments can be customized with just some clicks. The tool is completely free to use. 

You can download, add to favorites and even upload music with Ecrett Music.


  • Free trial before subscribing
  • Simple process
  • Comprehensive user interface


  • Editing is not possible.


The price of the monthly plan for an individual is $ 4.99

The price of a monthly plan for a business is $ 14.99


AIVA;https;aI music generators

The music generator that can be used to generate music for games, videos, even movies, and TV Shows is something that AIVA offers. The music can be generated on the based preset styles, or you can even upload any influence of your choice, and AIVA will generate music for you based on that influence.

With AIVA pro plan, you can even commercialize your created music without any headache of licensing. The website provides a free trial version to its users with some facilities.


  • Free Trial
  • Soundtracks can be edited.


  • The music upload option is not available.


  • Standard plan at €11 per month
  • Pro plan at €33 per month

6. Boomy

Boomy;AI Music Generators

Boomy is a tool that makes it simple to create original music. You can then upload those songs with the possibility to earn streaming revenues from numerous providers, which makes it a highly unique tool. 

After setting a few filters and clicking “Make Song,” the tool’s creative artificial Intelligence writes and delivers an entire song in seconds. After that, you can decide whether to save it or not. And while you go through this process, Boomy’s AI creates a unique profile for you to use as a tool for making the best music.


  • It can be used to earn revenue
  • Personalized profile


  • Information on site is not very apt


The price starts at $2.99 monthly

7. OpenAI- MuseNet

Musenet; AI Music Generators

MuseNet is a deep neural network that combines musical genres like country, Mozart, and the Beatles into 4-minute compositions with ten different instruments. MuseNet was not specifically designed with an understanding of music in mind; instead, it learned to anticipate the next token in hundreds of thousands of MIDI files and thereby discovered patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style. 

MuseNet is based on GPT-2, a large-scale transformer model trained to predict the next token in a sequence, whether it be audio or text and leverages the same general-purpose unsupervised technology.


  • Deep neural network
  • Free trial
  • Evaluates music over long periods of time


  • Fewer styles as compared to others


To know about it, kindly visit.

8. Humtap

Humtap;https: AI music generators

With the use of a Web 3-driven artificial intelligence platform, this software allows you to record studio-quality music on your phone using your natural voice. The program uses your humming to automatically create a full song based on the tune you selected.

Vocals can be added to the created music, which can also be altered with 5 various effects. You can add vocals and save every track and video you make using Humtap AI’s music composer.


  • Compatible with iOS
  • Produces good quality music


  • Stability Issues


  • Free

9. Amadeus Code

Amadeus code; AI Music generators

This iOS-based tool is made to help both experienced musicians and music lovers quickly come up with fresh melodies. You can export the audio and MIDI files you make while using Amadeus Code to your preferred DAW for additional musical creation.

The best toolkit for producing original music gives access to three effective tools to help you create your own music. An intelligent synth that can recreate complete synth stacks from popular songs, a collection of assets that are ready for release, and an AI assistant that can create hooks for you.


  • Data sets powerful
  • Created music can be exported as audio and MIDI files both.


  • Low-quality music produced.


The annual plan starts at $25 per month

10. Computoser


Computoser creates original music using an algorithm and a distinctive combination of tones, rhythm, and instruments. The “artificial intelligence” algorithm known as Computoser transforms the computer into a composer of music. Each track you hear was created using an algorithm.

The user interface is really clear and simple to understand. If desired, you can also download the generated music. MusicXML, MP3, and MIDI export audio is supported. Also, you shouldn’t stress about the license issue.


  • Multiple formats of export audio supported


  • Generated music cannot be edited


  • Free

Wrapping Up

Although the field of music composition is vast and varied, with AI music generators, we can generate music. Even a complete novice in music composition can do it with a little bit of practice. The amount of energy required to compose music can be saved to a great deal if someone knows how to do it.

 AI music generators can prove to be a great help to professional composers who know exactly what kind of music they want to produce. With so many moods and genres to choose from, it gives a user complete freedom to create music.

Hope you liked this article about AI Music generators; kindly check out this article too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free AI music generators?

Yes, there are some AI music generators that are completely free, but they might not have all the features that paid ones provide you.

Can professional music be composed with AI music generators?

Yes, many AI music generators provide good and professional-grade music.

Can I sell the music generated by AI music generators?

Yes, you can sell the music that you have created with the help of an AI music generator.

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