World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC | Mahaja Cloudsong 

World Of Warcraft Missing Valentine’s NPC | Mahaja Cloudsong

Are you looking for World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC? World Of Warcraft(WoW) is one the most popular online-game among gamers across the world. In WoW, players are allowed to create their own avatar-style characters where they explore the sprawling universe while interacting with Non-Player Characters(NPCs). It is Valentine’s season, and Mahaja Cloudsong in WoW is the principal NPC for the season “Love Is In The Air.” Let’s dive deep into the article to understand more about Valentine’s NPC and the issues regarding it.

Mahaja Cloudsong, the director of Gala in WoW, is an important Valentine’s NPC during the season “Love is in the Air.”This season is all about celebrating love and friendships. Mahaja Cloudsong is responsible for facilitating players with event-related missions and challenges in romantic-themed campaigns to earn rewards. Let’s explore World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC here.

This time, “Love Is In The Air” season has been a little bit frustrating for the gamers because of the missing main seasonal NPC, Mahaja Cloudsong. Through this article, I will guide you about the recent bug, which is being faced by gamers as well as I will also let you know how to resolve this issue. Now, read more about World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC below.

WoW: Valentine’s NPC Buzz | World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC Details

Missing any kind of character from the game due to a technical glitch can be frustrating for gamers who actively participate in the seasonal quest. Recently, a bug has been reported in World of Warcraft about missing a crucial Valentine’s NPC, Mahaja Cloudsong, especially during the season of “love is in the air.” 

This bug is creating uneasiness for the gamers to move ahead to the next quest in line. The developers have been reported about this bug, and they are fixing the graphical glitch of missing Mahaja Cloudsong.

How To Fix The Valentine’s NPC Bug

World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC | Mahaja Cloudsong

I understand how frustrating it could be if the player doesn’t pass on to the next objectives and they keep looming over a single quest. 

Don’t worry about the bug just follow the instructions given below and bring back your Valentine’s NPC.

  1. Go to launcher
  2. Click on the “setting” text
  3. Open “Additional Command Line Arguments” under WoW
  4. Type “_d3d11”
  5. Save the changes

You can reinstall the launcher if the above steps don’t bring up your missing Mahaja Cloudsong. The gamers don’t need to worry too much about the missing Mahaja Cloudsong; it’s just a glitch that will be resolved soon by the developers. you can find your Mahaja Cloudsong in the Gala Centre.

Wrapping Up

The article on World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC ends here. Mahaja Cloudsong is the central NPC during the quest of “Love Is In The Air” season. However, the recently reported bug of missing Mahajan Cloudsong is preventing from completing the quest. It might be a small glitch that will be fixed by the game developers soon, or you can follow the steps provided in this article to tackle the World Of Warcraft Missing Valentines NPC glitch.

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