Final Fantasy 16: Kuza Beast Hunt Location | How To Find & Beat Kuza Beast

Final Fantasy 16: Kuza Beast Hunt Location | How to Find & Beat Kuza Beast

In Final Fantasy 16, players are immersed in a rich storyline that presents pivotal moments intertwined with opportunities for exploration. Here, I will reveal the Kuza Beast Hunt location and how you can beat Kuza Beast in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16, coming to PC and multiple platforms, is a wholesome fun and thrill all along. Here, players will embark upon multiple side quests involving Carrot location, ‘A Hill To Die On’ Location, and many more.

Multiple side quests not only offer thrilling experiences but also yield valuable rewards that enhance their abilities. This article serves as a guide to finding and defeating the fearsome Kuza Beast. Let’s go and conquer this quest.

Where to Find Kuza Beast in Final Fantasy 16 | Location of the Kuza Beast Hunt

Final Fantasy 16: Kuza Beast Hunt Location | How to Find & Beat Kuza Beast

To embark on the Kuza Beast hunt in Final Fantasy 16, players must first complete two important side quests: “The Weight of Command” and “Self-Determination.” Once these quests are accomplished, players can rendezvous with Dorys at the hideaway during the “Back to Their Origin” main quest, bypassing the Hunt Board. Dorys will then require assistance in escorting her to Balmung Dark in Waloed.

Begin by ascending the stairs near the Ravenwit Walls Obelisk, heading north until you reach Dorys. She urgently seeks help in rescuing the Bearers. Defeat the enemies in the three designated areas and examine the letters discovered there. After conversing with Dorys and acquiring the key, unlock the gate near the prison’s entrance. Proceed inside and locate the distressed girl. Dorys will join you, and together, you will navigate through the hole near the entrance, leading to the elusive Kuza Beast.

How to Beat Kuza Beast in Final Fantasy 16?

The Kuza Beast shares similarities with the Behemoths previously encountered by Clive. However, as a Notorious Mark, it possesses heightened danger. Further is how you can beat Kuza Beast in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Melee Attacks and Rushes: At the onset of the battle, the Kuza Beast strives to engage in close-quarters combat. These actions display noticeable cues, but it is vital to discern the precise moment for evading damage. Be attentive to the dodging window and maneuver accordingly to avoid harm.
  • Magic Attacks: When Clive maintains a distance from the Kuza Beast, it resorts to employing powerful magic spells. One particularly perilous attack to watch out for is Comet. It is imperative to evade this attack at all costs. If you manage to dodge the initial impact, remember to jump to avoid the shockwave generated by the falling fireballs.
  • Consecutive Comets: Once the Kuza Beast’s health drops below half, it gains the ability to summon three consecutive Comets. Apply the same defensive tactics as before to evade these devastating attacks successfully. Utilize abilities such as Deadly Embrace or Titanic Block to safeguard Clive from harm.

The Kuza Beast’s attacks possess formidable strength, allowing little room for error. Maintain Clive’s health in the green zone, and whenever possible, remain in close proximity to the beast. Exploit Eikonic Abilities to stun the creature, allowing for relentless offensive strikes. Following the intense battle, the crew will return to the hideaway, successfully concluding the side quest.

Rewards for Defeating the Kuza Beast

Final Fantasy 16: Kuza Beast Hunt Location | How to Find & Beat Kuza Beast

Triumphing over the Kuza Beast bestows a bountiful array of rewards, empowering players for their future endeavors. The rewards include:

  • Experience Points (XP): Players will earn 5500 XP, enabling their characters to grow stronger and unlock new abilities.
  • Ability Points (AP): A total of 90 Ability Points will be awarded, facilitating the enhancement of character skills and the acquisition of powerful techniques.
  • Gil: Players will receive a generous sum of 15000 Gil, providing invaluable currency for acquiring essential items and equipment.
  • Renown: The successful completion of this hunt will grant players 35 Renown, elevating their stature and reputation within the game world.
  • Crafting Materials: Additionally, players will obtain two pieces of Meteorite and one Behemoth Shackle, valuable resources essential for crafting purposes.

Wrapping Up

Armed with knowledge about the Kuza Beast’s hunt location and strategies for overcoming this formidable adversary, players can embark on this exhilarating adventure in Final Fantasy 16. Hone your skills, gather your companions, and prepare for an epic confrontation with the mighty Kuza Beast. May fortune favor your quest!

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