What Happened To DogDay in Poppy Playtime? Explained In Detail!

What Happened To DogDay in Poppy Playtime? Explained In Detail!

If you’re into horror video games, I bet you’ve played Poppy Playtime. Many gamers worldwide are unsure what exactly happened to DogDay in the game. If you’re one of them who is confused about what happened, then keep reading. In this article, I’ll discuss what happened to DogDay in Poppy Playtime.

As you know, Poppy Playtime is an episodic horror video game released in October 2021. It was developed and published by American gaming company Mob Entertainment. Poppy Playtime players know very well who DagDay in the game is. But in chapter 3, something happened to DogDay, and players are not sure about it. Well, there’s no need to sweat it, as I’ll tell you what happened to Dogday in Poppy Playtime.

In this game guide article, I’ll provide you with all the crucial details about DogDay. The character of DogDay is quite popular in the game, but gamers want to find out what happened to him in chapter 3. Well, hold your horses, I’ll get to it. There are specific characters in certain games that tend to grow on players, and DogDay is one of those characters. However, without wasting any more time, let’s find out what happened to DogDay in Poppy Playtime.

What Happened To DogDay In Poppy Playtime?

Before telling you what happened to DogDay, let me tell you a little bit about him. DogDay is the only cheerful character in the game who is the leader of Smiling Critters. He is known for his cheery mode who also offers encouragement and positivity to all his friends. However, let’s get into the details of what happened to DogDay in Poppy Playtime.

When you first run into DogDay in his Bigger Bodies form, he’s found suspended by chains in a prison cell with his bottom half chopped from his body with a sharp object. Fortunately, he is still breathing, though he does appear to be suffering and in a lot of pain due to his serious injuries. After seeing you, he directly calls you Poppy’s Angel. Then he proceeds to beg you to save him, even though it is pretty clear that there is nothing much left to save.

DogDay’s speech reveals the truth about CatNap and also tells you that you’re in his lair. CatNap is the primary antagonist of the game series and is also one of the most dangerous and savage characters. Surprisingly, later in the game, you will discover that CatNap worships the other character, Prototype, like a god. CatNap has tortured and killed other characters like DogDay, who tried to ruin Prototype’s evil plans. DogDay eventually declared that he is the last remaining Smiling Critters, who were tortured and almost killed for not obeying the Prototype.

Wrapping Up

Now you have a clear idea about what happened to DogDay in Poppy Playtime. If you enjoyed reading the article and think it clears your confusion, then share this article with your friends who also want to find out about DogDay. However, to read more such gaming articles, keep an eye on the Path Of EX website.

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