All 17 Vaudeville Game Characters | Detective, Killers & Victims in Vaudeville Game

Vaudeville Game Characters

It can be quite a challenge to figure out who the real culprit is in the Vaudeville murder mystery game. The questioning can get pretty intense but it’s also really exciting. But knowing all the Vaudeville game characters can help you in your quest for the killer.

The Vaudeville game offers multiple endings, each with its own unique outcome. However, for newer players, the greatest mystery is undoubtedly the killer and their motive.

So read on to know who all the Vaudeville game characters are and their roles in the game. Comment to let me know if you need help solving the mystery or understanding how to play Vaudeville.

How Many Vaudeville Game Characters Are There | Total Vaudeville Characters

There are a total of 17 characters in the Vaudeville game, Seven (7) main game characters, and an additional 10 Vaudeville game side characters that appear as you progress through the game in Vaudeville. These characters consist of Detective who is trying to solve the mystery, the chief, the constable, the three killers, and their three victims.

Vaudeville Game Main Characters | 7 Main Characters

All 3 Vaudeville Game Killers Solve the Vaudeville Mystery

Now that you know how many Vaudeville game characters there are, you must be curious to know who they are and how they’re connected.

The 7 Vaudeville game characters are:

Vaudeville game charactersRole
Detective Martini (You)Detective
Lola, the DancerVictim
Claire, the NurseVictim
Monsieur Saxabar, the Circus OwnerVitcim
Gustave, a lion tamer at Circus SaxabarSuspect
Dr. Dubois, a psychiatristSuspect
Marina H, a DancerSuspect

Vaudeville Game Side Characters | 10 Side Characters

There are 10 Vaudeville Game Side Characters that will appear throughout your game. Here are the characters you’ll meet:

  1. Chief Gretzky
  2. Constable Jones
  3. Ingrid
  4. Exteberria, Coroner
  5. Michelle
  6. Dada
  7. Pascal
  8. Mrs. Potter
  9. Biaggio
  10. Count Graveson

Who Are All The Vaudeville Game Characters | All 17 Vaudeville Characters

Here are all the Vaudeville Game Characters with their pictures so you can keep track of who is who in your investigation.

1. Chief Gretzky

Vaudeville Game Characters Chief Gretzky
Chief Gretzky

2. Constable Jones

Constable Jones

4. Marina H

Vaudeville Game Characters
Marina H

4. Exteberria, the Coroner

Vaudeville Game Characters

5. Ingrid

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6. Monsieur Saxabar

Monsieur Saxabar

7. Michelle


8. Biaggio


9. Mrs. Potter

Mrs. Potter

10. Pascal


11. Dada

Vaudeville Game Characters

12. Count Graveson

Count Graveson

Wrapping Up

So now that you know everything about all the Vaudeville Game Characters, you’re all set to go on this adventure and find out the guilty suspects. Comment to let me know if my guide on Vaudeville’s Characters helped you through the game.

Happy Gaming!

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