Reverse 1999 Free Summons | How To Get Free Pulls?

reverse 1999 free summons

Reverse 1999 is a combat battle RPG where players can travel through various decades of the 20th century and hire as many heroes as possible. I will discuss the detailed steps for getting free summons in Reverse 1999. Move ahead and get free pulls in the game to fight the battle. 

Talking about the Reverse 1999 gameplay, this is a role-playing theme-based game where players can get their hands on the amazing Reverse 1999 characters. Here, players would have to complete three examinations and evolve through various time zones available. 

You must gather free summons and pulls and exhibit your best abilities to step further in the game, and make your way to victory. Head on and follow various methods to add summons to your side. Let’s go!

How Do You Get Free Summons in Reverse 1999? 3 Methods

reverse 1999 free summons

Well, it is not easy to get free summons in Reverse 1999. All you need to do is complete your missions, finish your dailies, and earn your rewards to crawl toward your free pulls. Go on and follow the methods mentioned below to avail yourself of these pulls in the game. 

Method 1: Collect Pre-Registration Rewards

The very first step is to gather your Reverse 1999 pre-registration rewards. These rewards include Five Star Matilda and 1,800 Clear Drops. Go on > Log in to your game > collect rewards from the game mail and collect Pre-Registration rewards in the game.

Method 2: Complete Dailies

Next, you would have to complete Dailies. Every new day, Reverse 1999 comes up with new missions that you must accomplish to gain new currency rewards. Hence, you must do your daily daily dailies to add up and get your free summons quickly. 

Method 3: Accomplish Missions 

Last but definitely not least, make sure you play the game and complete your missions on a priority basis. You get upscale in the game and get free summons as you accomplish your missions and tasks and earn the aligned rewards. 

Also, players can reach new player levels and conquer the upcoming challenges. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to get Reverse 1999 free summons in the game. Give this article a thorough read and do your best to complete various missions and challenges, accomplish your dailies, and claim as many rewards as possible. Follow all the methods and access the free pulls available. Also, Path of EX promises to be your comfort space for all the coming years. So let me know if you have any more questions, and I will try to solve them for you ASAP. 

Happy Gaming!

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