Reddit New Logo: A Wave of New Changes on the Platform!

Reddit new logo

Reddit is one of the major social media platforms for having conversations, being involved in discourses, and following communities of your choice. With the news of the IPO, there are many changes on the platform; Reddit is planning a new logo for the platform. To learn about the Reddit new logo, go through this blog thoroughly. 

Only time can tell whether the news of the new logo on Reddit gets an upvote. Not only logo, but Reddit is also planning to get brand new typeface and brand colors. The new change comes as the company plans API changes regarding third-party apps.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about the Reddit new logo and bout new changes on the platform. 

What is the New Reddit New Logo | Reddit New Logo?

Reddit new logo

The new design on Reddit is basically a new design for Snoo, the anthropomorphic red and white robot mascot synonymous with Reddit’s logo. Reddit’s new logo has replaced the older Snoo’s flat design. Snoo is genderless, scored opposable thumbs in the redesign process, and has an open-mouthed smile.

The new Reddit logo is a new 3D, thumb-wielding alien & is currently live on the website; many communities and comments have applauded the new design, while others have straightforwardly rejected it.  

The famous Snoo was created by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, aka /u/kn0thing. He created the famous Snoo while still in college at the University of Virginia. Many communities and comments have applauded the new design, while others have straightforwardly rejected it.  

In a statement, Reddit chief marketing and consumer experience officer Roxy Young said, “As we expand our global presence into new markets and engage with more audiences from advertisers and developers to Redditors and moderators, we need to strengthen our brand foundation to allow for more creative and consistent expression.” Young further added,  “Our goal remains to focus on Redditors’ needs and make it simpler to bring community, belonging, and empowerment to everyone in the world.”

Other Changes on Reddit: Will The New Update Get an Upvote?

Reddit new logo

Apart from the new logo, a new typeface is coming on the platform. Snoo’s glow-up is the major change, but with the new typefaces, the platform is all set for a visual treat with its new chat bubbles. The platform also plans to make its Reddit Sans typeface open-sourced and widely available online.

The company is also planning to expand its color horizon apart from the iconic OrangeRed of Reddit to other shades. The new colors that are set to be launched include GuavaPink, LimeGreen, BananaYellow, and JuniperBlue will pop up in designs. 

  • New typeface
  • Expand its color horizon
  • New chat bubbles

All these changes come in a year when the company had a rocky year with waging war with its developer community and the possible IPO of the company that could land as soon as the first quarter of 2024.

Wrapping Up

Reddit is an information-gathering, sharing, discussion, and community-building website. In the recent news, Reddit is planning to new logo and typefaces for the company. I hope all your doubts regarding Reddit new logo are clear. Now, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Reddit’s logo called?

Snoo head logo is Reddit’s logo

2. What font is Reddit logo?

Reddit Font is VAG Rounded.  

3. What is Reddit’s new logo?

The new logo is new 3D, thumb-wielding alien and is currently live on Reddit’s website. 

4. Does Reddit have emoji?

Yes, Reddit does have emojis and thankfully, all communities have access to a default set of Reddit themed emojis.

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