30 New Social Media Platforms in 2023 That Ruled The Virtual World

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Internet, smartphones, and social media platforms are growing rapidly. Not just established and evergreen social media sites but new social media platforms are a success as well. There are also those entries that emerged post the Twitter exodus. In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 30 new social media platforms in 2023.

Humans, as social animals, have welcomed tech that links them with others. Year after year, a rising number of people register for and use social media. While there were not even a billion individuals using social networks in 2010, the figure has risen to even over 4 billion in the previous 12 years. Well over 4.74 billion individuals will be utilizing social media by 2023. Revenues for social media companies reflect the increased popularity. And, as smartphones and web access become more affordable and accessible, we should anticipate these figures to rise even further.

This post will introduce you to the top 30 new social media platforms in 2023 that you may use in your digital marketing technique for next year. Many of these platforms may even assist you in making crucial contacts in your fields of interest.

10 New Social Media Platforms in 2023

2022 saw many changes, including the introduction of new features and apps. Twitter stayed in the news, and it is still there since the new owner’s accession. Youngsters found new tools of communication and more.

Let’s examine some of the top new social media platforms in 2023.

01. Mastodon

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Mastodon is one of the most successful new social media platforms in 2023. Though it was launched almost 6 years ago, it has seen accelerated growth since Q2 of the year. Mastodon is an open-source, free software platform that lets individuals create their own social networking sites.

It provides Twitter-like microblogging services through a large number of separately managed Mastodon nodes (also known as instances). Each instance has its own set of rules for behavior, terms of service, privacy controls, and filtering policies. The platform is becoming more popular as a result of various developments and adjustments at Twitter’s headquarters.

02. Hive Social

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Hive Social is a genuine platform to socialize and a great addition to new social media platforms in 2023. It allows you to accomplish what social media is meant to do. You may share your activities, images of your excursions, dinners, and family time, GIFs to form a meme, and other content. You may also create polls and solicit votes to have a better understanding of the events in your life. When you’re on Hive Social, you have more options.

Hive Social posts, unlike Snapchat and Instagram, can only be text. Text postings allow you to share your ideas, ideas, and blogging sans having to browse through your gallery or picture app for an appropriate image.

Hive Social is among the greatest Instagram and Twitter alternatives. If you’re familiar with either one of them, particularly Instagram, you’ll be able to use Hive Social in no time.

03. GAS

Gas is the most recent addition to new social media platforms in 2023 that aims to provide a safe atmosphere in which you may interact with your pals, classmates, and acquittances. You can only interact with people who have approved you as a friend and who have approved you as a friend. Polls are the only way to communicate. In contrast to applications such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, the Gas app doesn’t really offer user-to-user communication.

Since its release in August 2022, the app was downloaded over 5 million times from the App Store. Currently, the software is only accessible to iPad and iPhone users. The Gas application is available to all iOS device users aged 12 and up, high school friends have been using it more regularly.

04. Poparazzi

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Poparazzi is also among the new social media platforms in 2023. It’s an image-sharing application for iOS smartphones. The app is popular among college buddies, young people, anti-selfie enthusiasts, and individuals who wish to remain in touch with pals through images.

Poparazzi takes images taken by others, not your own. According to the app’s creators, it relieves the strain of being perfect. Friends, relatives, and strangers are your personal paparazzi with just a sense. As you can keep enjoying your own digital pictures, keep in mind that you were not the one who held the camera at arm’s length to acquire that wonderful image.

05. Post.

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Post News is the most recent app that is added to the list of new social media apps in 2023. It also is among the most effective Twitter alternatives. If you’ve recently left Twitter, it offers several features that will make you feel at ease. It does not, in fact, have an app for you to install on your Android or iOS smartphone. It is still in beta, and it can presently be accessible exclusively through web browsers. The platform is also not ready for use; you must join the waitlist on its website to can use it.

When you select “Join the Waitlist,” Post News will produce your waiting number. According to users, Post welcomes over 1000 people off the waitlist to the site. Post News will send you an email once the queue is complete. You must finish your sign-up procedure by clicking on the provided link.

06. Linktree

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Linktree is a social networking app that enables you to publish numerous links at once, but it gained popularity on Instagram. This is due to Instagram’s prohibition on sharing site links anywhere other than Stories and the ‘bio’ area of their profile page, which has a tight character restriction.

Though you may argue this is not a regular social media app like FB or Twitter, Linktree is a great social media tool for influencers, businesses and more. With just one link, your viewers have the option to view your social media accounts, shopping lists and more. Aren’t these reasons good enough to add this app to my list of top new social media apps in 2023?

07. Patreon

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Next on the list is a social media tool that helps creators financially, Patreon. It is a simple approach for artists to obtain financing from individuals who value their work. Patreon is similar to Kickstarter or GoFundMe in that it lets creatives generate money on a continuous basis by being paid in modest sums each time they provide new material, whether it’s writing, singing, or even just publishing an initial tweet once every day.

Patreon’s website has a list of all the various projects and what they give in exchange for pledges. There’s also a search option to help you locate what you’re looking for inside your expertise. And if you’re not certain what to donate? There are choices based on the amount of money donated – $1, $5, $10, and so on. The amount donated determines how frequently the recipient receives incentives from their selected artist.

08. BeReal

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

BeReal, the first worldwide social networking site that distributes real-life images, is the latest member of social media apps. They have a novel policy. You must snap random photographs of yourself at all times. You receive notifications, and you are given two minutes to shoot images. People are quite pleased with the policy. There are no filters. There is no editing. And you may only re-shoot inside that 2-minute time frame.

Alexis Barreyat launched the social networking app, which is available to be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, in December 2019. The programme invites users to reveal their current identities. The application is the most recent trendy social networking programme that is rapidly gaining popularity and downloads. hence it cannot be skipped on the list of top 10 new social media platforms in 2023.

09. Locket

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Here is my favorite on the list of new social media platforms in 2023, Locket Widget. I have been using it for months now. It is a great widget that lets you see and send photos to up to 20 friends on the mobile phone screen.

The Locket Widget software shows real-time photographs from your closest friends on the home screen of your smartphone. When you unlock your phone, your closest friends and you will see new photos from one another. It’s a brief peek into everyone’s daily lives. The Locket app is a freeware app that works on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

The Locket app is super easy to use and is the lightest on the list. It doesn’t leave heavy cache files, it runs smoothly.

10. Clubhouse

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Last but not the least, Clubhouse is a social networking software. It’s like an ongoing dinner party where you can catch up with old friends, make new ones, and speak about everything.

Clubhouse emerged during the COVID-19 epidemic to allow professionals to network while quarantined. Users may create an audio room for others to enter and listen in to learn about something, or they might request an invitation to enter as a speaker and share their own insight. The clubhouse is a unique social networking app and the first of its type, but it also comes with its own set of obstacles. If an audio conversation app appeals to your business or sector, it could be worth exploring.

That is all about the top 10 new social media platforms in 2023. It’s time to revisit the evergreen platforms that have still dominated social media platforms in 2023.

Top 10 Evergreen Social Media Platforms in 2023

These sites are known to the masses and people are found engaged in them. Here is the list of the top 10 social media sites that are dominating apart from the new social media platforms in 2023.

01. Facebook

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Facebook is not down or flopping. It is growing and the users’ number is increasing drastically each month. The platform has all social media tools including features like adding friends, following, video sharing, video watching, messaging, selling and buying and much more. It has the most tools available.

02. Twitter

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Though you may have observed people leaving Twitter and joining other sites, people don’t find any site as effective as Twitter. Twitter is yet the number one site for world leaders, celebrities, actors, artists and the like. It has a great image in the news and social media which one may think is fading, but it is not.

03. TikTok

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

The video-sharing platform will be one of the most used social media sites in 2023. It introduced many new features, lenses, and filters in 2022. The site is the pioneer in short videos, and it has still maintained the image. The introduction of 3-minute and 10 minute long video posts is also viewed as a great move as some stories need time to define and narrate.

04. Instagram

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Instagram is the most used platform by world celebrities especially actors and sportspersons like Twitter. Instagram has introduced avatars, new tools for business accounts, reels and more to keep the audiences glued. The site has refreshed its web version and it has maintained its image and growth among youngsters and adults.

05. Pinterest

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Pinterest is my favorite all-time social media platform. It is getting more popular day by day. It has introduced Image Pins and Video Pins. The platform is getting wider and the user base is increasing rapidly. We see the platform getting exposed to new countries and new users. Previously, it was more popular among smart tablet users, especially iPad users and in the US. Now it is a common app on Android phones as well, and it is being used across the globe. It is easy to use to monetize your content.

06. Snapchat

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

The camera app has evolved from a basic photo clicking platform to a full fledged social media site. Snapchat has seen visible growth this year. It has stayed #1 site for youngsters, photo lovers and those who care about streaks. The app introduced spotlight, public profiles and Snapchat + to keep the audiences and users glued to the app. Its chat feature is an altogether different thing.

07. WhatsApp

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

WhatsApp is some of the apps that are found everywhere on every phone. You may have very few friends that are not on the platform. WhatsApp has introduced many features this year.

You can now create a call link and invite people to call you over the link. WhatsApp has introduced an avatar that is so cute that you cannot stay away from getting obsessed with it. WhatsApp can be kept linked on up to 5 devices at a time.

So, you can use it on your PC, tablet and other devices simultaneously. You can now delete a chat anytime from sending minutes to 24 hours. And it has blocked the screenshot on one-time photos which is a sort of relief.

08. Tumblr

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Tumblr is there for a long time. Though it has lost a good amount of users due to its policies and not getting exposed to new features. It is, however, getting a good graph upward. It has introduced new icon themes according to festivals. The app icon gets updated along with the app. It has introduced new features and some awesome free themes that give you an aesthetic touch and feel of a regular website.

09. Telegram

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Telegram was a superhit app in 2021. It maintained growth in 2023 as well. The app is an awesome and the best alternative for WhatsApp. It has many features that keep WhatsApp a way behind. Telegram lets you forward a message to a good number of users as compared to 5 users on WhatsApp. Telegram has multiple 3rd party bots that make your life easy. It also has a feature to delete a chat from both ends and that too without leaving a trace on either of the devices.

10. YouTube

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

though the original concept was not to make YouTube anything but a streaming site for videos, it is now one of the leading social media platforms. You can contact any person, get engaged with them, have public conversations and more.

YouTube is an institute in itself. You don’t have only one department. YouTube is one of the most popular search engines. It is also the leading streaming site for videos. It is the best site to post your videos on. It has encouraged and supported many creators by giving them a chance to earn from the platform.

There are more and many good things related to the site that causes me to enlist it among the new social media platforms in 2023.

Overlook of Other 10 New Social Media Platforms in 2023

New Social Media Platforms in 2022

Apart from the above 20 new social media platforms, these 10 are also trending in 2023.

01. Discord

02. Life360

03. TextNow

04. Signal

05. Wizz

06. Skype

07. VIAB

08. Vero

09. Reddit

10. Uhive

Wrapping Up

That is all about the new social media platforms in 2023. The sites mentioned in all of the sections are hit in 2023. Our team has compiled many articles on each (or on the maximum) apps and sites recorded in this article. These include fixes, tricks, tips, and guides. If you want to know more about any app, I will help you with that. Just drop me a comment in the comment box below. And for more trending updates and fixes, keep browsing Path of EX.

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