Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl Rewards And Milestones [2024]

Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl Rewards And Milestones

Have you ever dreamt of owning cities and apartments? Well, the Monopoly Go game has everything to offer in the gameplay. You can do many activities in your conquered cities to earn rewards. Let’s see how you can become the tycoon of your dream city by earning Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl Rewards and completing its milestones.

Monopoly Go Tycoon is a capitalistic-oriented game where the players give themselves to experience the world of the tycoon. Players can build multiple apartment blocks, rent them out, and conquer the cities. Let’s delve deep into the article to learn more about Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl rewards and milestones.

The players can become the lords of the cities and one of the richest tycoons by earning rewards, like in the Golden Blitz Event. To earn rewards, players must earn points in the gameplay. Read the article further to know how you can earn points for the rewards and milestones in Monopoly Go Tycoon.

Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl Event 2024

The Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl event is here, and the gamers have already immersed themselves in the event’s rewards and milestones. The Tycoon Bowl in Monopoly Go is a two-day event tournament that was recently launched. This new event is loaded with rewards and milestones by racking up the points. Stick with the article to know more about MonopolyGO rewards and milestones.

How To Earn Points In Monopoly GO Tycoon Bowl For Rewards

Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl Rewards And Milestones

Players of MonopolyGO are excited and in the race to earn the maximum rewards through points in the newly launched Tycoon Bowl tournament. The players can earn points through regular activities in MonopolyGO gameplay. But, to stand out in the game, here are the tips and tricks to earn more points for the reward.

  • Focus on landing on the railroad tiles
  • Triggering play shutdown and Bank heist mini-games
  • Increase the dice multiplier before landing on key tiles
  • Participate in parallel events and tournaments.

Monopoly GO Tycoon Bowl Rewards And Milestones 

The Monopoly GO gameplay has a lot to offer as it gives you a chance to conquer the cities and become the richest tycoon among everyone. The players can earn the rewards, bound to a total of 30 milestones. Here is the list of rewards along with the milestones of Monopoly Go Tycoon Bowl gameplay.

150120 Heart Tokens
28040 Free Dice Rolls
370One-Star Sticker Pack
4150150 Heart Tokens
5200100 Dice Rolls
6275180 Heart Tokens
72505 Minutes High Roller
8350Cash Prize
9500220 Dice Rolls
10550Two-Star Sticker Pack
11700250 Heart Tokens
12800Three-Star Sticker Pack
13900400 Dice Rolls
14850Four-Star Sticker Pack
151000340 Heart Tokens
161200475 Dice Rolls
171000Cash Prize
181300440 Heart Tokens
19150020 Minutes Mega Heist 
202000750 Dice Rolls
211800Four-Star Sticker Pack
222200Cash Prize
23250015 Minutes Cash Grab 
242800500 Heart Tokens
2530001100 Dice Rolls
263200Cash Prize
273500Cash Prize
2840001400 Dice Rolls
29450020 Minutes High Roller
3050001,700 Dice Rolls

Wrapping It Up

This article carries information related to rewards and milestones of the Tycoon Bowl event of MonopolyGO gameplay and also how to earn points in the gameplay. If you have any queries related to MonopolyGO gameplay, leave your words in the comment section.

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