Lies of P All Quartz Locations: Where to Find & How to Get Them?

Lies of P All Quartz Locations: Where to Find & How to Get Them?

Hey, Hey! I just got to know you are searching for all Quartz locations of Lies of P, Is It? If it’s a Yes, worry not! On this page, I will unveil everything concerning Lies of P Quartz locations and where to find them. Go on!

Lies of P never fails to introduce us to its vast universe. Whether it is about its characters or an epic gameplay, everything is worth drooling upon. Here, players will encounter 24 Quartz locationswhere players will spot the enhancement material to bloster the P-Organ. After this, players will be able to unlock their achievements and Extreme Potential Torphy.

Let’a delve deeper through this page and locate all the Lies of P All Quartz Locations you need in your game. Gear up, embark upon every location, and unlock your achievements.

All Lies of P Quartz Locations | Check Them Out

Following are the Lies of P Quarts Locations, head on and see how you can work with them.

Workshop Union: The Gateway

  • Workshop Union Entrance: Prepare yourself to face the Puppet of the Future boss, who holds the first piece of Quartz.
  • Workshop Union Culvert: Begin your journey at the Stargazer, guiding yourself through a tunnel adorned with a fiery rolling ball. The intricate path unfolds as you navigate past the Red Fox and Black Cat, ultimately leading to a mysterious green door which unveils the Quartz.

St. Frangelico Cathedral: The Sanctuary

  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel: Descend further into the chapel, where the defeat of a formidable foe unlocks another piece of Quartz.
  • Elysion Boulevard Residence: Engage in a thrilling scavenger hunt that unfolds at the heart of St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, guiding you through a network of clues that leads to a coveted Quartz location.

Malum District: The Hidden Corners

Lies of P All Quartz Locations: Where to Find & How to Get Them?
  • Malum District: Brace yourself for an intense encounter at the district square, with the Quartz lying hidden within an open building.
  • Malum District Town Hall: Venture into the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s lair, where the Quartz awaits behind the counter post the final confrontation.

Rosa Isabelle Street: The Underground Maze

  • Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert: Embark on a journey through the sewers, weaving through intricate paths to find the Quartz.

Hotel Krat: The Marketplace

  • Hotel Krat: Unlock Polendina’s extended inventory to purchase a Quartz, a reward for your exploration at the Grand Exhibition Gallery.

Estella Opera House: The Majestic Retreat

  • Estella Opera House Entrance: Uncover a Trinity Sanctum hidden behind a swinging chandelier, unlocking a puzzle that holds the key to another Quartz.

Barren Swamp: The Puppet’s Abode

  • Barren Swamp: Engage in a dialogue with the Broken Puppet at the Stargazer, exchanging gestures to reveal yet another Quartz location.

Krat Central Station: The Hub of Secrets

  • Krat Central Station Platform: Dive into the decayed section of the station to unearth a concealed chest housing the Quartz.

Relic of Trismegistus: The Battleground

  • Relic of Trismegistus Entrance: Triumph over the Black Rabbit Brotherhood to claim your prize, a hidden Quartz.

Arche Abbey: The Final Frontier

  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall & Broken Rift: Engage in a multi-faceted adventure involving intriguing puzzles, mysterious keys, and formidable foes, eventually leading to the uncovering of two Quartz locations.

Abandoned Apartment: The Final Puzzle

Lies of P All Quartz Locations: Where to Find & How to Get Them?
  • Abandoned Apartment: Solve the complex puzzle at Arche Abbey Broken Rift to unlock the pathway to the Quartz at the Abandoned Apartment.

Ascension Bridge: The Climactic Find

  • Ascension Bridge: Navigate past the screaming enemy to find a chest that unveils another Quartz.

The Final Reveals

  • Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge: Triumph over the elite Disruption enemy to claim the final Quartz.
  • Barren Swamp Revisited: Return to the Stargazer, where the Broken Puppet awaits with one last test of gestures to reveal the final Quartz.

We have now guided you through all the Quartz Locations in “Lies of P”. To further aid your journey, consult the comprehensive “Lies of P” Collectible Guide for insights on other hidden treasures within the game.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Lies of P All Quartz Locations: Where to Find & How to Get Them? Check out the above guide and grab all of the answers to your questions. Also, do let us know if you have any further queries.

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