Fortnite Lava Hand | Titan Lava Hand Fortnite Details: Mystery Box 

Fortnite Lava Hand | Titan Lava Hand Fortnite Details: Mystery Box

Fortnite crew, get ready for the Titan Lava Hand Fortnite mystery box! Yes, your wait has come to an end. Now, you can access Fortnite Lava Hand Titan holding the humongous mystery box in the Fortnite game. If you don’t know how to access Fortnite Titan Lava Hand, this guide will help you.

Fortnite was released in 2017 by Epic Games. It is a highly-anticipated action-shooting video game with challenging levels and an awesome Fortnite Item Shop. February Fortnite Crew Skin was already a hit. Before indulging in Fortnite Bird Skin, check out Fortnite Lava Hand in the game. Read ahead to know more details about the Fortnite Lava Hand mystery box.

Fortnite has introduced challenging scenes and tough shots. You can go through the Fortnite tutorial to get better tips. This article will tell you specifically about Fortnite Titan Lava Hand and the mystery box. Read till the end to not miss anything important.

Titan Lava Hand Fortnite Details | What Is Lava Hand In Fortnite?

Titan Fortnite Lava Hand is a giant hand coming out due to an intense earthquake from the Earth’s surface. This happens every hour in the game. The majestic hand appears from the ground’s crack, holding a large mystery box. 

Titan Lava Hand in Fortnite signals towards the upcoming mini-games and exclusive event challenges in the game. The Lava Hand also has a large mystery box tied up with a chain. The player must unlock each chain to open the mystery box. However, it requires 500 trillion health initial and 50 million health of the first four chains.

Titan Lava Hand Fortnite Schedule | When Will Lava Hand Appear In Fortnite? 

Fortnite Titan Lava Hand was launched on 2nd March 2024. According to the Fortnite game’s pattern, the crack forms every three hours to 45 hours until the 46th hour is when the lava hand appears.

What Is Inside Lava Hand Box In Fortnite? Titan Lava Hand Fortnite Mystery Box

Fortnite Lava Hand mystery box contains the following things-

  1. Exclusive powers to complete mini-events.
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. Tornadoes
  4. Earthquakes
  5. Exclusive Items
  6. Huge Bonus

Wrapping Up

The article covers the complete details of Fortnite Lava Hand 2024. Very few players have been able to open the box. Are you up for the Fortnite Lava Hand Titan mystery box challenge? If yes, conquer the box now! Don’t forget to check out how to create Fortnite in Infinite Craft for more fun. If you have any questions about Lava Hand in Fortnite, drop a comment below.

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