Is TextNow Safe to Use in 2024: An Honest Review!

Is TextNow Safe to Use

Ever wished you could ditch your phone bill but still stay connected with friends and family? Welcome to TextNow, the app that lets you call and text for free! But before you dive into a world of endless chats and happy calls, a question might pop up: Is TextNow safe to use?

TextNow is a free app for calling and messaging that works on multiple devices. You can use your own phone number or get a TextNow Free US phone number to join. There is even a physical SIM plan available, so you can make calls without needing WiFi. In simple terms, it is like a regular phone service where you can make calls, join and initiate group calls, send messages, and use data!

But with all this digital magic, it is natural to wonder: Is TextNow safe to use? Does it gobble up your data like a hungry cookie monster? Read on to find out the truth about TextNow’s safety, and decide if this free phone genie is the right one for you!

Is TextNow Safe to Use?

Is TextNow Safe to Use?

TextNow offers the tempting promise of free calls, texts, and even data; all wrapped up in a handy app. But with anything free, the question of safety looms large. Is TextNow safe to use on iPhone and Android or a potential privacy minefield? The answer depends on what you mean by safe.

If you mean safe from viruses, malware, or hacking, then TextNow is safe to use. TextNow is a legitimate app that has been downloaded by millions of users. It does not contain any harmful software or code that can harm your device or steal your information. TextNow also uses encryption to protect your calls and texts from being intercepted or eavesdropped by third parties.

If you mean safe from spam, scams, or unwanted calls, then TextNow is not very safe to use. TextNow gives you a free phone number that you can use to call and text anyone in the US. However, this also means that anyone can call or text you using TextNow. Some people may use TextNow to send you spam messages, scam calls, or prank calls. You may also receive calls or texts from strangers who have your TextNow number by mistake or by chance. TextNow does not have a good way to filter or block these unwanted calls or texts. You can only block individual numbers, but not entire area codes or countries.

How does TextNow Work?

Is TextNow Safe to Use

TextNow operates on a freemium model, meaning its core features are free, with additional perks available for a paid subscription. Here is how it works in 2024 so you could answer – is TextNow safe to use on iPhone and Android:

  • Free Phone Number: You can choose a free US phone number or use your existing one.
  • Free Calls and Texts: Make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts within the US and Canada (with some exceptions).
  • Data Add-ons: Purchase data plans (Day Pass or Month Pass) if you need mobile internet access.
  • Ads: The free service is supported by ads, which appear in the app.

Review of TextNow: A Mixed Bag

TextNow’s safety picture is not a simple black and white. While some praise its features and convenience, others express concerns. Here are some of the reviews and scores of TextNow based on some online platforms that will help you answer the burning question — is TextNow safe to use on Android and iPhone:


With 3.3 stars out of 5, the reviews on TrustPilot are a mixed bag. Some users love the app’s affordability and features, while others complain about technical issues and customer service.


The ScamAdviser website gives TextNow a 100/100 TrustScore, highlighting its legitimacy and low risk of scams.


The story on SiteJabber is different, with a rating of 1.56 stars out of 5 from 173 reviews. Many users mention problems with call quality, spam calls, and difficulty deleting accounts.

Is TextNow Safe to Use on Android & iPhone: My Verdict

Is TextNow Safe to Use

TextNow’s safety depends on your individual needs and priorities. Here is a breakdown:

Pros of TextNowCons of TextNow
Free calls and texts: Budget-friendly for basic communication.Mixed reviews: Varied user experiences.
Data add-ons: Flexible for occasional mobile internet access.Data privacy concerns: Collects user data and displays ads.
Legitimate company: Low risk of scams or malware.Spam calls: Some users report increased spam calls.

My Verdict

Based on the information and reviews above, my verdict is that if you need a simple, free phone service, TextNow could be a suitable choice. However, TextNow is not very safe to use. Be aware of potential drawbacks like technical glitches, customer service issues, and data privacy concerns. Consider your individual needs and tolerance for ads before diving in. If you prioritize privacy and reliable service, a paid phone plan might be a better choice.

Ultimately, the decision of whether TextNow is safe “enough” for you is personal. Weigh the pros and cons, read user reviews, and prioritize your own needs to make an informed choice.

How to Use TextNow?

Is TextNow Safe to Use

To use TextNow, you need a device that can connect to the internet, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also download the TextNow app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and use it on your Android or iOS device.

To make a call or send a text using TextNow, you need to have a good internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile data. If you have Wi-Fi, you can make unlimited calls and texts for free. You can buy TextNow SIM and use the TextNow data to make calls and texts. If you have not bought TextNow SIM and you do not have an internet connection, you can’t use TextNow.

Wrapping Up

Alright, phone detectives, you have officially cracked the case of “Is TextNow safe to use?” Now you know the drill – it is free calls, endless texts, and a sprinkle of ad fairy dust. But like any digital deal, it comes with its own quirks. So, if you are all about budget-friendly phone fun, TextNow might be your free-talk bestie. But if privacy is your top cop and glitches make you cry, a paid plan might be your phone-tastic soulmate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does TextNow Use My Data for Evil?

Not exactly evil, but they do collect info like your location and browsing habits to show you targeted ads.

2. Are My Calls and Texts with TextNow Safe from Prying Eyes?

TextNow uses standard industry encryption for calls and texts, so they are safe from casual snoopers. But remember, nothing online is 100% privacy-proof.

3. Is TextNow a Legitimate Company?

Yes, TextNow is a real deal company with a long history. They might not be perfect, but they are not out to steal your phone or identity.

4. Is TextNow Safe to Use for Kids?

It’s a free calling app, not a babysitter. Parental controls are limited, so if you’re worried about your kiddos, consider a paid plan with more kid-friendly features.

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