Is NBA 2K24 Crossplay / Cross-Generational / Cross-Progression / Cross-Save?

Is NBA 2K24 Crossplay

Did you know that crossplay is a cool feature in modern gaming? It lets players on different platforms connect and compete with each other. However, if you’re not sure about NBA 2K24 crossplay, this article is for you.

It’s always great to see new features and upgrades in the latest NBA games series. So when it comes to cool additions like NBA 2k24 cross-generation and cross-progression, we want it all. And it would be great, as it would allow players to enjoy the game without worrying about platform exclusivity.

So read on to know, is NBA 2K24 crossplay? Will there be an NBA 2K24 Cross-Platform feature? Let’s see what we’re working on with the new NBA game. Comment for more!

Is NBA 2K24 Crossplay?

Yes, NBA 2k2k Crossplay is officially here!

Is NBA 2K24 Crossplay

NBA 2k24 Crossplay has officially been announced, so you can enjoy the ultimate basketball experience in NBA 2K24 thanks to crossplay between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

The NBA 2k24 players on PC will be unable to access crossplay because, unfortunately, 2K Games chose not to include PC in this feature.

Is NBA 2K24 Cross-Platform?

Yes, NBA 2K24 is Cross-Platform!

NBA 2K24 permits players to participate in cross-platform multiplayer mode, allowing them to compete against each other on various platforms. So for the first time in NBA 2K franchise, you and your pals can now play games together without any hiccups, even if one of you is on a PlayStation 5 and the other is on an Xbox Series X|S.

Is NBA 2K24 Cross-Generation?

No, NBA 2K24 has not introduced a cross-generation yet.

NBA 2K24 has not officially introduced or announced a cross-generation feature yet. So at this moment, it’s not possible to be sure whether players with Xbox One can play with Xbox Series X/S players and if PS4 will be able to play with players on the latest PS5 console.

Is NBA 2K24 Cross-Progression?

No, NBA 2K24 has not introduced a cross-progression feature yet, but it’s likely.

The NBA 2K23 has now introduced MyTEAM cross-progression for console families, which means that players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and still retain their microtransactions, progress, and wallets! This can mean that NA 2k24 will probably too, have a cross-progression feature.

Is NBA 2K24 Cross-Save?

No, NBA 2K24 has not introduced a cross-save feature yet, but it’s likely.

NBA 2K24 has not introduced or announced a cross-save feature yet. But the NBA 2K23 game offers a Cross-Save feature that allows players to transfer their VC wallet and MyTeam progress across platforms within the same console family. This can mean that NA 2k24 will probably, too, have a cross-save feature.

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Wrapping Up

So now that you know all about the NBA 2k24 crossplay, cross-platform, cross-gen, cross-progression, and cross-save features, you know what you’re dealing with. Excited to pre-order NBA 2k24? Head to the official website and get yours now!

Happy Gaming!

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