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Don't disturb your friends when they seem to be sleeping on Zenly.

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Zenly is a social application that tracks the live location of its users and makes a system to connect people around it. Zenly knows your battery percentage and lets your friends see it and your live location with real-time friends. Zenly also knows your sleep time; wondering how Zenly knows I am sleeping? Let’s have a look.

Zenly made headlines when the internet became dubious about the application accessing and sharing personal data like live location to everyone. Still, Zenly made the same query to its advantage by introducing a self-bump on Zenly. When you self-bump into a suspicious situation, your live location will be alerted to your friends and relatives, indicating that you are in trouble or fear. So Zenly asks, is it reasonable to share your location with the world?

How does a smartwatch know how deep...
How does a smartwatch know how deep you sleep or that you are stressed?

Zenly reportedly accesses several sensors on devices like a phone’s accelerometer to track whether you are sitting somewhere or walking somewhere. In the same way, Zenly uses your device’s sensors to know whether you are sleeping or not. Zenly can also track your sleeping by your inactivity online for a long time. For most of us, checking our phones is the first thing in the morning. 

Zenly only provided a general idea about it, but the internet wanted more. We will talk about, ‘how does Zenly know I am sleeping?’

How Zenly Knows I Am Sleeping? 

Stalking on internet; How zenly know i am sleeping

You would be freaking out if any of your friends texted you and said they knew you were sleeping or just woke up. It is not in the future! It is on Zenly. Zenly knows your sleeping time and wake-up time better than your mother now. People needed binoculars and a window-view to stalk their girlfriends in the past. But even stalking is digital now.

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Zenly is becoming more popular for its features, and it shows how transparent everyone’s data is on the internet. The application accesses various sensors of your device and makes use of it. Zenly access your phone’s accelerometer to calculate the distance between your friends when they are in your surroundings. 

Zenly will give a moon icon to your profile indicating that you are sleeping and let your friends see this when you are sleeping. Now they know when not to disturb you. But how is this possible? We made a sneak peek.

There are two possible ways Zenly can access your sleeping habit- Checking your inactivity with device sensors or accessing data provided on various applications. Let’s dive into them one by one.

Is Zenly Accessing Your Device’s Sensors?

Zenly accepts this accusation for tracking this to get to know your sleeping habit. The application is accessing your device sensors to confirm your inactivity.

 Some users share their opinion as Zenly checks your heartbeat right and physical movement. When your heartbeat looks normal with minimal physical movement near devices, Zenly assumes you are sleeping. The application supported this concept by quoting the same on their community page.

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You can’t turn off your sleep tracking on Zenly, but you can change to ghost mode, automatically stopping sharing your location.

Zenly Uses Data Shared on Other Social Media Applications?

Another answer to ‘how Zenly knows I am sleeping’ will be a bit controversial-Zenly must have used your device usage and data shared on other social media platforms. Zenly always had the base to perform and the confidence to stand in the market. A talented coder can easily make codes to access your data from various platforms, checking the loopholes they leave. What if Zenly accessed something like that? Let me clarify with an incident.

Soren Louv Jansen; how zenly know i am sleeping

A Danish Software developer, Soren Louv-Jansen, made a code allowing you to know when your friends are sleeping and when they woke up. He used Facebook’s data to do this. According to him, many visit Facebook the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. So he used this as a good impression of their sleeping habits. He didn’t make this code because he could; he made it to let the world know that this is possible when sharing your data online.

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When a software developer can easily track all this information and use it, the sky is the limit for other social networking applications. Zenly was a start-up when it decided to move to Google Cloud for stable architecture and faster release of information and see where they are now. 

Zenly application; how zenly knows i am sleeping

If Zenly is accessing your device usage in several applications, it might get an idea about whether you are online or not. Zenly already knows if you moved a microsecond as it accesses the device sensors and your real-time location. Beware of what you share online and watch for every access you give.

What are the Risks of Sharing Data and Access?

We all know our data is not safe on the internet. We often joke about the issue with the applications accessing our data- we are not Bill Gates to worry! But you’re mistaken. The ads, marketing promos, targeted emails, and random phone calls related to your education or job are all because of the data you shared online. Applications accessing your data can sell them for millions to other marketing teams if they want to.

When people tend to post anything and everything on social media, they unconsciously give the internet the authority to navigate our lives. I highly recommend watching the Netflix documentary series ‘Social Dilemma’ to learn how social media influences your choices- Trust me, it is not boring.

social dilemma series on netflix; how zenly know i am sleeping

Imagine you post your old graduation photos with the caption #Grad2000 and tag your besties. Your security questions to your email might be your graduate year or college name. A scammer watching your profile knows when you graduated, where you studied, and who was with you. He can quickly appear in your DM as an imposter of any of your distant college friends from that photo.

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Every day, new trends or challenges are surfacing on the internet, and you hop into most of them. But unconsciously, you are making your private information public by this. Recent trends like ‘put your finger down’ expose your personality and insecurities. Do not give the key to your destruction. Be aware of what data sharing and access can do.

Wrapping Up

Social media has a significant impact on our daily life now. Applications like Zenly detect our device sensors and display the things that are believed to be impossible- Zenly knows when you are sleeping and when you are waking up. Here I have shared all my research and findings on a popular query on the internet that ‘How Zenly Knows I am Sleeping.’ If you have found this article helpful, share it with your friends.

Until then, Toodaloo!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you view yourself on Zenly?

Change your Zenly profile to private by turning on ‘Your world’ in account settings. Go back to the Zenly map page and double-click on the right button below. You can view the highlight of your location, where you can see who viewed your location in the past 24 hours.

2. How do I hide my location on Zenly?

Turn off your location on device settings or choose ghost mode on Zenly. You can provide a broader view of your location by blurring mode. Also, you can freeze your location where Zenly will stick it on your last live location before turning on ghost mode.

3. What can Zenly see?

Zenly displays your live location, the people you are hanging out with, and your battery percentage.


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