How To Open Garage Doors In Project Zomboid | 4 Easy Steps

How to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid | 4 Easy Steps

Garage doors play a crucial role in Project Zomboid, and knowing how to open them efficiently is essential for survival. In this guide, we will explore the various methods to open garage doors and secure valuable resources. Let’s delve into the four effective ways to unlock those garage doors!

In order to open garage doors in Project Zomboid, all you need to do is fight against the zombies and make your way inside through the main door. But is this easy to do so? Well, not at all!

Make your way through this page and learn how to open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid. Below, we have dropped a step guide to do so. Have a look!

How to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid | Step-by-Step Guide

Opening garage doors is an important aspect of Project Zomboid. Further is how you can do so. Have a look!

Steps to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid:

Step 1. Press “E” or Right-Click on the Door

How to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid | 4 Easy Steps

Opening a garage door in Project Zomboid is similar to opening any other door. By standing nearby, you can press the “E” key or right-click on the door and select “Open Door.” However, if the door is locked, you’ll need to find an alternative approach.

To overcome a locked garage door, eliminate any surrounding zombies and search them for a key. Alternatively, you can explore nearby houses or check trash bins to locate the key.

Step 2. Climb Through the Window

The next step to open Garage doors in Project Zomboid is to climb through the window. If the main door of the garage is inaccessible, try searching for windows. Walking around the garage will give you an opportunity to locate windows that could serve as an alternative entry point.

Approach a window and press “E” or right-click on it to open it. In case these methods don’t yield results, consider smashing the window by right-clicking on it and selecting “Smash Window.” Ensure you equip a weapon beforehand to avoid injuries.

Once inside, proceed to the garage door and open it from within as you normally would.

3. Utilize Melee Weapons

Melee weapons can be effective tools for destroying garage doors. Any type of melee weapon possesses the ability to damage the door.

To demolish a garage door using a melee weapon, equip it by right-clicking on it in your inventory and selecting “Equip Primary/In Both Hands.” Then, attack the door as you would attack zombies.

It’s important to note that different melee weapons have varying damage capabilities. Using a melee weapon with higher damage will significantly reduce the time required to destroy the door. For instance, a baseball bat may take 20-30 swings, while an axe requires only 6 hits, and a sledgehammer demands just 4 strikes. Therefore, selecting an appropriate weapon is advisable.

Remember, once the door is broken, it cannot be repaired, and the garage will no longer provide a safe haven.

4. Employ Throwables

How to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid | 4 Easy Steps

Throwables can serve as effective tools for destroying structures, including garage doors. In Project Zomboid, there are numerous throwables available, with firebombs and Molotov cocktails being the most potent choices due to their ease of crafting.

Crafting a fire bomb is a relatively simple process. All you need is a bottle, 4 units of gas, and ripped sheets. However, please note that this recipe is exclusive to the Engineer occupation.

If you did not choose Engineer as your primary profession, refer to our post on how to create Molotov cocktails.

To destroy a garage door using throwables, aim and throw them at the door, then retreat to a safe distance to avoid the spreading of fire. The door will eventually be reduced to ashes, rendering the garage unsuitable as a secure base.

Additionally, keep in mind that using weapons or throwables to destroy garage doors generates a considerable amount of noise, attracting nearby zombies. It is advisable to eliminate the zombies in the vicinity before employing these methods or rely on the first and second techniques for a more discreet approach.

By employing these strategies, you can successfully open garage doors in Project Zomboid and gain access to valuable resources. Remember to adapt your approach to the situation at hand and ensure your safety while exploring these dangerous environments. Good luck surviving the apocalypse!

Wrapping Up

This was all about How to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid. Check out the above guide and learn how you can solve this puzzle in a few easy steps.

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