How To Make A Minecraft Valentine Chest | Make & Use It

Minecraft Valentine Chest

With Valentine’s day coming right around the corner, Minecraft users cannot keep the excitement to themselves anyway. Making custom love-themed surprises for your loved ones? WOW! I am here to help you surprise your loved ones with unique and cute surprises for your love! Scroll down and make your Minecraft Valentine chest and enjoy gaming.

The Minecraft Valentine chest eventually becomes necessary to store extra stuff in the game. The game has many chests to accommodate players’ requirements, but this chest is Valentine’s special. Building a simple chest for many Minecraft players is sufficient for storing their things.

In this article, I am going to help you learn how to make a Minecraft Valentine chest. It will make a very cute item in your valentine themed Minecraft builds. I hope you like it and it spices up your surprise. Keep reading to find out how to make a Minecraft Chest Valentine.

How To Make A Minecraft Valentine Chest | 3 Steps

A Minecraft Chest Valentine is a Chest in Minecraft that’s specially made for Valentine’s day. It can be filled with small cute love-themed gifts such as roses, heart-shaped figurines, etc.

Minecraft Valentine Chest

Scroll down and get step-by-step instructions to craft a Minecraft Chest Valentine below. Keep reading to find out!

So till now, you have learned about Minecraft Valentine Chest. Now let’s see how to make this Minecraft Valentine chest in some easy steps. Scroll down, follow the instructions, and have your chest in the game this Valentine’s.

Steps to Make a Minecraft Valentine Chest:

  1. Collect two wood blocks to craft eight wood planks out of them.
  2. Place eight wood planks in the outer boxes of the 3×3 grid, leaving the center box empty.

NOTE: It is important to follow this exact pattern to craft a Chest in Minecraft, as this is its recipe.

  1. There you have it! A Minecraft chest in your Inventory.

To make your simple chest into a valentine themed- chest, you can decorate it with flowers and heart-shaped figurines. You can also use redwood blocks to craft the chest to make it more valentine themed. Go wild with your creativity!

How To Use A Minecraft Valentine Chest?

A Minecraft Valentine chest can be made or used with equal ease. To use this chest, you need to follow some steps. Scroll down and learn about using this special chest in Minecraft.

Steps to using a Minecraft Valentine chest

  1. Right-click the chest or press the left trigger there to activate it. 
  2. Now drag any item from your inventory into the chest 
  3. The chest is ready 
  4. Now put down the item from the chest into your inventory after completing the process.

Wrapping  Up

That’s all for the Minecraft Valentine chest. I hope you loved this idea for your Valentine’s builds on Minecraft. If you have any questions regarding this article or an idea you want to add, the comment section below is open for you. Do make sure to check out Path of EX for more gaming-related articles. 

Have a great and loved-filled Valentine’s day!

Happy Gaming!

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