How to Find Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring: Location & How to Equip

How to Find Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring: Location & How to Equip

What is Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring? Where you can find it? Well, breathe! On this page, I will introduce you to two different locations where you can locate Soul Link Ring in Remnant 2. Let’s go!

Undoubtedly, a million games come out to escape us from our boredom and monotonous routine anyways but do each one of them touch our hearts? No chance! Remnant 2 has surely crossed all the boundaries with its epic gameplay.

Let’s delve a little deeper through this article and learn why is Soul Link Ring is said to be one of the most prestigious rings of all and how you can find it. Dig in and make your way toward victory.

What is Soul Link Ring?

How to Find Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring: Location & How to Equip

Soul Link Ring is an accessorized ring for players in Remnant 2, considered to be one of the best ones among 135 rings. With its amazing survivability feature, this Soul Link ring can add up to 5% of life steal. This 5% increases your capacity to fight among all the enemies and bosses.

Players can equip 4 rings at once to win the battle in Remnant 2. All these rings have different features and are spotted in different Dungeons. Delve a little deeper to learn how to find Soul Link Ring.

How to Find Soul King Ring in Remnant 2?

Considering the Soul King Ring to be the rarest of all, finding it is not an easy task. Many players in the early stages of the game may struggle to track down this elusive accessory.

The Soul Link Ring can be found in two locations within Remnant 2: Yeasha – The Expanding Glade and Kaeula’s Rest. Head on to see how you can do so.

Locating the Soul Link Ring in Yeasha – The Expanding Glade

How to Find Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring: Location & How to Equip

Yeasha, one of the four end-points of the Earth, houses various locations, including Losomn, Labyrinth, Root Earth, and The Withering Weald. To find the Soul Link Ring, players should follow these steps.

Steps to Find Soul Link Ring in Yaesha:

  1. Head to The Withering Weald, a forest corrupted by the Root.
  2. Explore The Nameless Nest, inhabited by Mother Mind.
  3. Extract valuable resources from The Forgotten Field, one of the largest cities of the Pan.
  4. Proceed to The Expanding Glade, a vibrant location teeming with potent enemies.
  5. Defeat all the formidable enemies and claim the rewards, including the Soul Link Ring.

Players who are fortunate enough might stumble upon the Soul Link Ring as a random airdrop while exploring Yeasha.

Locating the Soul Link Ring in Kaeula’s Rest

How to Find Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring: Location & How to Equip

For those unable to acquire the Soul Link Ring in Yeasha – The Expanding Glade, there’s still hope in Kaeula’s Rest.

This location is home to a powerful boss named Root, and defeating it can lead players to discover the Soul Link Ring, granting them a 5% Lifesteal ability.

Wrapping Up

The Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring is a prestigious and rare accessory that significantly improves a player’s survivability in battles. Its 5% Lifesteal feature proves invaluable against formidable enemies and bosses. Players can find this coveted ring in either Yeasha – The Expanding Glade or Kaeula’s Rest. May all adventurers equip this precious ring in their inventory and emerge victorious against their toughest foes.

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