How to Breed Horses in Minecraft: 3 Steps | Easy Tips & Tricks

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can be practically anything; a strong warrior, a daring cave diver, or just a farmer who breeds horses. Farm life sounds exciting? Then let’s learn how to breed horses in Minecraft on your own farms.

One of the few creatures you may tame and breed in Minecraft is the horse. This implies that you can end up with hundreds of horses as long as you start with two. All you’ll need is a lot of gold and enough apples and carrots to feed each one of those horses. 

Here in this Minecraft guide, I have explained how to breed horses in Minecraft in detail. So start breeding your horses and learn how to take care of a foal with this guide.

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, breeding horses is a difficult task. But before you can begin breeding, there are a few measures you must take. So let’s follow the step-by-step process and start to breed horses in Minecraft.

Steps to breed horses in Minecraft

Breed Horses In Minecraft

1. Tame Two Horses 

  • You can find horses in herds in grasslands and savannas.
  • Look out for them in the towns as they’re kept in stables and pens.
  • There is no gender in Minecraft, so you don’t have to worry about grabbing a male or female horse; you can take any of them.
  • You must approach a horse without holding anything to “use” it, enabling you to mount its back. 
  • When you do this for the first few times, it will probably buck you off after a short while. Do this repeatedly until hearts appear above the horse, at which point it will cease bucking you off. It may take some time. 
  • A horse that has been domesticated can be saddled or tied to a lead.
  •  This will enable you to transport it anywhere, such as inside a fence, rapidly.

2. Make Golden Carrots Or Apples

You must give your horses some special treats, such as golden apples or golden carrots, to get them in the breeding mood. 

  • Move to Overworld and Nether as they are filled with treasure boxes of Golden Apples.
  • Fortunately, golden carrots aren’t as pricey. Golden carrots can easily be made by encircling an ordinary Carrot with eight Gold Nuggets.

3. Give Your Horses Food 

Now that you have two horses and at least two golden foods, you can start breeding horses in Minecraft. . 

To feed your horses, bring your horses together and feed each one a golden apple or carrot. Over their heads, hearts will start to appear, and then a young horse will appear. 

The young horse, known as a “foal,” will always travel where its parents do. A foal matures into an adult horse in about 20 minutes, but you can hasten the process by giving it fruits, sugar, wheat, or hay.

So you learned how to breed horses in Minecraft. Now scroll down and grab some bonus tips and tricks to breed horses in Minecraft and enjoy breeding them using them.

Easy Tips & Tricks To Breed Horses In Minecraft That You Must Follow!

Getting horses in Minecraft at times turns out to be very difficult, but there are a few things you can do to breed horses in Minecraft easily. So scroll down and get all the tips and tricks to breed your horses in Minecraft easily.

  • Horses in Minecraft can have five different types of “markings” and come in seven different colors. This indicates that there are 35 distinct horse breeds in the game. 
  • The game tosses dice to determine the appearance of the foal when two horses are bred. The majority of foals get their color and markings from one of their parents, but there is a 29 percent chance that a random appearance will occur. Therefore, if you want a horse of a particular color, you should breed two of that color.
  • Additionally, each horse in the game spawns with a random combination of health, speed of movement, and leap power. The game determines the stats of a foal when you spawn it by averaging the stats of its two parents plus an entirely fictitious imaginary horse. This means that breeding a perfect foal is nearly impossible, but it also means that the better your parent horses are, the better the foal will be. 

Note: Horses may breed with humans as well as other animals. A baby mule will result from breeding a horse with a donkey (using the same procedures). Mules are incapable of mating with any other animal.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about how to breed horses in Minecraft. Follow the above-mentioned steps and start breeding your horses in the game. You can also check out other Minecraft animals you can breed in Path of EX and enjoy breeding them.  Also, mention your suggestions, views, and your favorite Minecraft animal that you breed in the comment section.

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