How To Beat Night 4 Sister Location In FNAF | Easy Steps

how to beat night 4 sister location

The very big task in Five Nights at Freddy is to crack the sister’s location night 4 cheat. The Sister location is a recent installment in this survival horror series, where a player has to perform many tasks. Let’s go further on this page and learn the steps required to beat the Night 4 sister location in FNAF. Step forward!

Five Nights at Freedy is an amazing game known for its interesting animations, graphics, and gameplay. It can be played on the browser as well. Players will find many new exciting challenges here, including cracking the FNAF passwords and beating all 5-night puzzles in Sister’s location. 

In the Night 4 sister location, a player has to tighten the springlock and shake Minereenas just before they hit the kill screen. As they make jumpscare, the game comes to an end. Before I spill the beans here, let’s go further onto this page and learn about the steps to beat Night 4 Sister Location.  

How to Beat Night 4 Sister Location | 7 Steps to Solve the Puzzle

how to beat night 4 sister location

As observed, many players are found screaming and yelling while unable to beat the Night 4 Sister location in FNAF. Here, the aim is to keep the Minireenas from defeating you by tightening the springlocks on both sides. As they turn red, it means the locks are about to break, and you have to tighten them instantly. Have a look underneath and crack the steps mentioned below. 

Steps to Beat Night 4 Sister Location:

  1. Firstly, listen to the Baby talking and observe Ballora getting scooped. 
  2. The Baby will open the faceplates on the suit. 
  3. After the faceplates are opened, set a three-minute timer to judge your proximity to the end of the night.
  4. Springlocks will begin to unwind, and Minireenas will move upwards on the suit. 
  5. Press and hold to wind springlocks and shake to get Minireenas off the suit. Once the springlocks unwind, or Minireena climbs too far, it will result in Minireena’s jumpscare, and the game ends.
  6. Keep this up for the night. As Minireenas starts to climb up the sides of the suit, give it some time till one is on each side before shaking. Shaking unwinds the springlocks quicker, and your goal is to tighten them before shaking. However, if only one Minireena exists, shake anyway to skip its jumpscare.
  7. As you learn the tactic of tightening the springlock on one side, shifting to the other, and shaking just before the kill screen, you will crack this FNAF Sister Location Night 4 puzzle. 

Follow the steps and make the most of these to crack the Night 4 sister location. Firstly, consider how many Minereenas are there and their location. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to beat the Night 4 Sister location. Follow the steps mentioned above, and all you need to do is learn the art of springlocks. Shake just before they hit the kill screen. Also, Path of EX promises to solve all your problems. Let us know if you have any more doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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