How to Beat Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2: Defeat the Ravager

Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2

The Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 is an ancient and formidable foe that threatens all that stands in its path. Join me in this article and explore how to beat the Remnant 2 Corrupted Ravager in the best way possible. Come on in!

Similar to the Annihilation Fight, it will be tricky to beat the Remnant 2 Corrupted Ravager. As an elite hunter tasked with restoring peace to the land, you must rise to the challenge and face this monstrous creature head-on.

If you’re seeking to conquer the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 and claim its valuable loot, we’ve got some expert tips for you. This guide will cover the encounter with the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 boss, the strategies to employ, and the rewards that await your triumph.

How to Defeat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2?

Steel your nerves, sharpen your blades, and harness the power of arcane arts as we delve into the strategies, weaknesses, and tactics necessary to topple the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2.

To ensure victory against the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2, focus on the following tactics:

  1. Attack the weak spot: Focus your attacks on the weak spot located on the Ravager’s back as it is the most vulnerable area to deal significant damage.
  2. Avoid the lunge and bite: Be cautious of the Ravager’s lunging attack, which is signaled by it rearing up before charging. Additionally, watch out for its quick succession of biting attempts when it gets close.
  3. Avoid the Red Flare: Dodge sideways to avoid the Red Flare attack, which occurs when red sparks form under the Ravager’s paws, causing a beam to travel along the ground. Sideways dodging will help you evade it effectively.
  4. Clear out Hollow mobs: Clear out the Hollow mobs periodically summoned by the Ravager. These round mobs roll along the ground and can hit you if not dealt with promptly.
  5. Avoid the Gorenado: To avoid the Gorenado, a dangerous vortex created by the Ravager’s spinning motion, keep running around to stay out of its Area of Effect (AoE) radius and prevent being pulled in.

The key to beating the corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 boss fight is to evade its melee attacks, as they cause the bleeding status effect, resulting in gradual HP loss. The cavern’s pillars can offer temporary cover, but be cautious when you don’t have any obstacles left.

The following section presents the Ravager’s abilities that you must be cautious of during a fight. However, there is an alternative way to skip the entire encounter. Below, we provide an outline of all the possible decisions you can make, along with the potential rewards:

Alternative Ways to Deal with the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2

The boss fight with the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 takes place in its lair in Yaesha, and you’ll encounter it after solving the Water Harp puzzle.

Apart from engaging the Ravager in combat, there’s an alternative way to handle the encounter. Below are the various decisions you can make and the rewards associated with each:

1. Kill the Doe

This choice skips the Ravager boss fight and rewards you with Ravager’s Mark, which increases all damage dealt to bleeding targets by 20% (increased to 30% for enemies at 50% HP or lower).

2. Heal the Doe and Kill the Ravager

Interact with the Doe to give it a Relic Charge, healing it and allowing it to gore the Ravager in the chest. Complete the fight normally to receive the Doe’s Antler material, granting you the Red Doe Staff, a powerful weapon with various stats and a useful mod.

3. Kill the Ravager and the Doe

Begin the fight by shooting the Ravager and do not interact with the Doe to heal it. Once the Ravager is defeated, shoot the Doe as well. This earns you the Ravager’s Maw material, which can be exchanged for the Feral Judgment melee weapon, an efficient set of claws with a unique mod.

4. Let the Ravager Eat the Doe Before Killing It

In this scenario, don’t heal the Doe, but don’t kill it either. Damage the Ravager until it reaches roughly 50% HP, and it will perform its Blood Howl. Then, it will run to the Doe’s position to eat it. Afterward, continue the fight, as usual, to defeat the Ravager and obtain the Crimson Membrane material, which can be used to craft the Merciless, a powerful auto rifle with devastating capabilities.

Wrapping Up

By following these strategies and making informed choices, you can emerge victorious against the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2. Remember that Yaesha holds many secrets, including puzzles like The Lament and Cathedral of Omens, which can offer even more valuable gear.

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