How To Solve Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest | Step-By- Step

How To Solve Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest | Basic Requirements & Objectives

The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy is the twenty-seventh primary quest in the game. Once you solve this quest, you will also earn 20xp, which can be used later in the game. You can use this article to solve this Hogwarts Legacy quest and enjoy your win in the game. So scroll down and enjoy this mission with Sirona at Three Broomsticks.

The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest is about completing different tasks. The Main Mission starts with various other missions that must be met to reach the target. But first, you need to speak with Sirona at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade; she will reveal that they have a goblin companion named Lodgok. 

Now that Sirona is here, you will be informed that Lodgok will probably be at the Hogs Head when you suggest that you talk to him about Ranrok. So let’s move forward with this information and learn how to solve the Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest.

What Is Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest?

The Hogwarts Legacy task Helm of Urtkot is now available. You’ll help a goblin to get back a stolen treasure and will be able to solve several puzzles. See the following instructions to assist you in solving the Moth or Butterfly Puzzles from the Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot. After Percival Rackham’s Trial, and in the middle of the campaign, is the Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest.

Now you can Talk to Sirona and Lodgok, the goblin in Hogsmeade, to begin the quest. Go ahead and sprint to that spot while Lodgok follows you; a marking will appear on your map. The Collector’s Cave is where you’ll find yourself once you arrived.

What Are The Requirements To Solve Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest?

Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest 

This quest has some challenging riddles, some of which can prove very difficult if not completed in the correct sequence. Therefore, you must meet a few requirements to solve the Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest.

Requirements To Solve Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

  • The first and most crucial requirement to complete the Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest is to complete Percival Rackham’s Trial.
  • To move forward with the quest, you must also complete Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 (Depulso), Level 12.

What Are The Objectives Of Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest? 

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are many quests to perform. The most recent game from Avalanche Games completely submerges players in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and there are many goals to do to enhance your character’s skills. A Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest walkthrough that explains how to access butterfly doors will help finish one of the game’s more challenging objectives as fans start their trip. 

Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest 

Objectives of Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy 

  • Get in touch with Sirona at the Three Broomsticks. 
  • You can look out for Lodgok at the Hog’s Head Inn.
  • It lets you meet  Lodgok close to the entrance of the Witch’s Tomb and then follow Lodgok there. 
  • You can also look for the helmet in the tomb. 
  • The quest lets you go back to Lodgok. 
  • You can even get the thieves to give over the helmet. 
  • While completing this quest, you can bring the helmet back to Lodgok.

How To Complete The Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest | Solve Moth Or Butterfly Puzzles In Hogwarts Legacy 

Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest 

There are various Moth Puzzles in the Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest (also known as Butterfly Puzzles). In addition, the elaborate gateways contain three divots where moths or butterflies can be set. So without wasting much time, let’s move forward and follow the steps mentioned below to complete the Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest.

Steps to Complete the Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest

1. Starting Location: The Helm of Urtkot 

Once you have finished the first trial for Percival Rackham and mastered Depulso, you are ready to go. Now that you are prepared, Sirona will meet at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade to discuss the Dark magic practiced by the goblin king.

2. Speak To Sirona In The Three Broomsticks 

Warp to the Three Broomsticks in South Hogsmeade floo flame and look for the quest sign to speak with Sirona, the innkeeper. 

3. Look For Lodgok At The Hog’s Head Inn 

It’s time to head to the next mission marker after leaving the Three Broomsticks. Now talk to Lodgok seated at the table when you enter the Hog’s Head Inn.

4. Dispatch Lodgok To The Witch’s Tomb. 

The next mission marker is immediately outside of Hogsmeade; continue there. 

5. Follow Lodgok To The Entrance Of The Tomb. 

To the entrance of the tomb, adhere to Lodgok.

  • Now at the Collector’s Cave, look for a moth door after searching the tomb for the helmet. Press:square: to enter. 
  • Continue through the same tunnel; towards the end, you’ll find the missing moth flitting around. Cast Lumos as you get close to the moth to draw it towards you. 
  • To have the moth fill the empty slot, go back to the door and switch off Lumos.
  • Open the stone chest on the left as you enter the next room.
  • As you proceed along the main road, a spherical room with a tomb and another moth door await you. 
  • Repeat the process with Lumos to bring the two moths on either side of the room to you, then go to the door to set them free.
  • In the third moth, you will find the barricade, which you can knock down with Depulso.
  • Return to the door to place the third moth before moving on.
Helm Of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Quest 

Continue and eliminate all Inferi in the next room. Grab either moth and put it in the device after plundering the space and making sure to unlock the small chest. Cast Depulso at the apparatus from the platform behind it to elevate it. After the platform stops, turn left and descend the slope to find a room with two more chests while facing the contraption. Return to the top, use Lumos to entice the moth to you, jump over the opening, and place it on the door. If you miss the jump, try Depulso again on the device, then seize the moth and put it on the door before the platform descends again.

Now you have slotted one moth. For the second moth, descend again and spin the apparatus with Depulso. To the left of the spinning contraption is another contraption pillar that rises when the contraption is spun. You must seize the second moth and place it atop the apparatus. Once more, standing on the elevating platform, throw Depulso the device in front of you to ascend.

Once you’ve cast Lumos to retrieve the second moth off the elevated pillar and slot it into the entrance, swiftly hurry to the left. Down by two moths. The third moth is situated in an alcove to the right of the door. Continue to the final room after slotting the third moth. Get the Signet Ring by taking it, along with the chest, and interacting with the deceased Ashwinder. 

6. Go Back To Lodgok 

After leaving the tomb behind the hidden entrance, speak with Lodgok. 

7. Get The Thieves To Give Over The Helmet

Ride a broomstick to the following marking. Destroy the troll and all of the Ashwinder scouts at the camp. The purple inquiry area, located after the narrow wooden walkway, has the helmet in a chest under a tent. 

8. Bring The Helmet Back To Lodgok. 

To return the helmet to Lodgok, fight the opponents off or ignore them while flying back.

Wrapping Up

Here is everything about the Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest. I have mentioned everything about this quest and the steps to solve it. If you have queries, please ask in the comment section below. Also, check out Path of EX for updates and ways to solve many games.

Happy Gaming! 

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