7 Proven Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021

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7 Proven Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Meenakshi Thakur
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From posting pictures to sharing minutes-long videos, Instagram can do anything. The Instagram platform is improving day after day and is coming up with exciting features. One such phenomenal feature is Instagram reels where you can share a creative, funny, motivational, or any other video of 15 to 30 seconds along with trending songs. Ahhhh! sadly, just sharing a video is not enough to beat its tricky Algorithm. But if you intend to become famous and want to give a tough fight to reel’s algorithm, you are at the right corner of the internet. This is all about the Proven Tips on how to hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021 by field experts.

Instagram can be both, your friend as well as an enemy. On one side, it allows you to gain an audience by being one of the best networking sites but on the other, Ahhhh, it has a lot of terms and conditions and a terrifying algorithm that you have to crack by yourself. And this is frustrating! Like why? Why Instagram? But thanks to the Internet experts who studied the Reel world and came up with 7 best-proven tips.

According to the expert’s review, the best ways to hack the Instagram reel algorithm in 2021 are

  • Create quality content.
  • Make original content as a rescue.
  • Don’t push the publish button before proper editing.
  • Produce engaging content.
  • Be legal and follow Instagram’s community guidelines.
  • Make vertical videos instead of horizontal ones.
  • Go for the trends.

But do these tips really helpful? Will these boost your reach? Will this help you gain followers? Do these really help to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021? Oh!!! So many questions. Don’t worry, you will find the answer to all these questions, below in this post.

Tips to hack the Instagram reel algorithm

Yes! These tips will get you win again the Instagram’s reel algorithm. So, read along the post to know why and how these tips will be helpful for your reels. So, fasten up your seat belts and here we go:

Tip no. 1: Create quality content

Create quality content: Tip on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: Later

Yes, Create quality content!

This line is probably overstated but it is true!

When it comes to an online creation, CONTENT IS THE KING!!!

So, if you want to really hack the Instagram reel algorithm 2021, the first step is to make content that your audience likes, otherwise you might be having thousands of followers but sadly, no one will watch your content.

Do you really aim for this??


The aim is to make your reels reach as many people as you can. So, if you want to open the doors for new followers, don’t think twice. The key to good content will definitely be helpful. And, that is what Instagram says too. But, don’t be smart, NO COPIED CONTENT!!! As Instagram knows it all.

Tip no. 2: Original content to the rescue

Original content is your buddy: Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: Android Police

Oh, this!




You must have seen reels that have the watermark of other platforms and this is a huge bummer for Instagram.

What if you too have this watermark?

Don’t worry, The Instagram is there to be your super savior!

But how?

One way to hack the Instagram reel algorithm would be to create using Instagram’s tools. Yes, the filters, video creating options, gifs, stickers, all can help you by avoiding the watermarks from “other” platforms.

You know what this mean, right?

Well, you need to keep one thing in mind that Instagram needs original content and not the one you took off from any other video-creating site.

Now, this does not mean you cannot use the other editing apps-sure you can use them to make your videos more appealing. But try to avoid watermarks.

So, Hack Instagram’s reel algorithm by creating them just for Instagram! Does it makes sense?

HA HA HA…. Algorithms can be tricky.

Tip no. 3: Don’t push the publish button before proper editing

Don't push the publish button before proper editing: Proven Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: PicsArt

Never Ever!

Just like we do not like lousy people, Instagram does not like lousy content!

when you are creating a reel for the gram and want it to reach more and more people, you will have to make sure it is dead appealing to the eye of the viewer. For this, Like said above, you can use different video editing apps to create reels for instagram.

USE them…

Get creative with content and add transitions to your videos that will surely hack Instagram’s reel algorithm and escalate your reel’s reach!

And your work here is done my friend! Now go post your sassy reel on Instagram!

Tip no. 4: Don’t forget to make engaging content

 Don't forget to make engaging content: Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: The Resorts World Sentosa Blog

Creating engaging content can opens many doors for you!

The best part being that it is only not just true for Instagram reels, but can opens the lock for Instagram- AS A WHOLE!

Yes, you read it right.

If content is the king, engagement is the queen for your reels and other Instagram content as well. Ask questions on the reels, as for advices, thoughts and feelings of your audience. This does two things for you- increases engagement and builds your a relationship with audience.

But remember, likes and comments are not the only sources for engagement. Instead the shares and saves matter too.

Actually, Shares and Saves matter more than Likes and comments


Same buddy, same here!

Tip no. 5: Be legal- follow Instagram’s community guideline

Be legal- follow Instagram's community guidelines: Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: The Verge

Now yes, you read the heading right once again.

You have to be legal as for to hack the Instagram’s reel algorithm.

But, what does it mean to be legal?

Well, In Instagram’s language, to be legal is to make sure your post or reel follows the community guidelines of instagram.

Your content, in this case, your reels should not be hurtful to anybody! It should not have abusive language! These should not have nudity, and some other very very crucial set of rules to be followed strictly-like the bible.

And this how you will make you god of the Instagram happy and hack its reel algorithm as well!

Tip no. 6: Make vertical videos

Proven Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: Animaker

Save landscape for YouTube!!!

Wasn’t it implied?

When you are creating reels for Instagram, ALWAYS, ALWAYS prefer portrait or vertical mode.


Hey!!! Not a rocket science!

It is because, this type of video format is more friendly to the user than the landscape mode. It will give the viewer some time to also engage with your reel.

Listen up buddy, you’ve got only 30 seconds to create. In these 30 secs, you want the viewer to rotate its phone into landscape mode and engage? Somethings just do not go hand in hand.

People can still engage with a landscape reel video but make sure you have created your best!

Tip no. 7: Go for the trends

Go for the trends: Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: PCMag

Saving the best for the last. Clever.

When it comes to hacking Instagram’s reel algorithm and increasing the reach of your reel. Creating content with the current trend is one of the best keys. Trends are comparatively more featured in the viewers’ feed than a normal reel video.

Use trending Instagram reel songs and music which is a treat to the ears of the viewer. Sometimes they add to the video more value than we can think.

Summing Up:

Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm 2021
Source: urdesignmag

So, these are the Expert’s tips on how to hack the Instagram reel algorithm in 2021. All these tips are proven to be effective. But do not forget that all this will take time. it is not a one night show!!

So, it is your turn now, fasten up your seat belts and get into the reel world and rock it with these tips. But, dont forget to tell which tip workd best for you and share your views in them.


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