Glitchy Pixel Duplicate In Disney Dreamlight Valley | Scary Bug Unlocked!

Glitchy Pixel Duplicate In Disney Dreamlight Valley | Scary Bug Unlocked!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the amazing games that came out with easy access and has many new features and characters. Its Glitchy Pixel Duplicate is one of the fascinating items that is an extremely valuable item among the ones available. As per rumors, this Pixel Duplicate glitch is wiping out all the resources crafted so far. Let’s head further into this article and learn everything concerning the same.

Whether it is about exciting challenges or endless adventures, Disney Dreamlight Valley never fails to surprise us with its ultimate treasures. Here, a player can earn multiple freebies using the Disney Dreamlight Codes and even craft multiple items using the multiplayer mode. You can join the multiplayer game in Disney Dreamlight Valley by completing the Vanellope’s new multiplayer quest, and then joining someone else’s world or welcoming others to your world. 

Once you have joined the multiplayer mode, you can locate the spawned Pixel Shards. Here, I will discuss the newly found Glitchy Pixel Duplicate in detail. Move further through this article and learn everything concerning this glitch and if you can recover the lost resources. Let’s go!

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley Glitchy Pixel Duplicate Error?

Glitchy Pixel Duplicate In Disney Dreamlight Valley | Scary Bug Unlocked!

Glitchy Pixel Duplicate is an item crafted from Pixel Shards while hovering over other players using multiplayer. Many players claim that the items so crafted from the pixel shard items are bugged. Whenever they use the Glitchy Pixel Duplicate for crafting, it will consume all the resources you have for the item. 

The game never surprises us with its intriguing updates. However, the Pixel Duplicate glitch is making players lose all their collected items, which is scary. Let’s head further and learn about the possible solutions to resolve this error. 

How to Fix Glitchy Pixel Duplicate in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Below are some of the fixes listed to resolve the Glitchy Pixel Duplicate in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Follow me through this page and learn about effective tips and tricks. 

Fix 1: Don’t Use Pixel

Well, very obvious but very much required. The very first thing you must ensure is that you don’t use anything with ‘Pixel’ in the name. Keep it in the Secret Room or one of the realms, and avoid using it to keep your resources intact. Otherwise, you might lose all your crafted items in a second.  

Fix 2: Wait for Some Time

It is advised not to use this Pixel Duplicate at all for some time till the issue gets fixed. Although, it is also said that crafting the time-bending Manual is also resulting in some loss, this is what we are talking about. 

If you have lost all your items, all you can do is recover and craft them all over again. If you are playing this game on a PC, you can even restore all the dream lights. As you know by now Glitchy Pixel Duplicate is crafted from Glitched Pixel Shards. Move further through this page and see where you can find Pixel Shards as well. 

Where is Pixel Shard Located in Disney Dreamlight Valley | Glitchy Pixel Shard Location

As you play in a multiplayer mode, the Glitched Pixel Shards spawn. You will find them easily, but you just have to wait for some time as they take time to spawn. Explore the valley thoroughly and keep a close eye on all the spots because they can spawn anywhere, anytime.

For reference, make a note that they are rainbow-colored and can be found easily. Every player sees their own set of glitched Pixel Shards. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about Glitchy Pixel Duplicate. This is crafted from the Pixel Shards. Once you use this item, you will lose all your resources. Hence, it is advised to avoid using Pixel Duplicate at all for now. Path of EX promises to be your comfort space now and then. So let me know if you have any questions, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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