Fortnite Eminem Big Bang Event: Dates & Timings | Spoilers Ahead

Fortnite big bang event

Well, Hello, my fellow readers! I know you guys have already heard the news about the Fortnite Eminem Big Bang Event, and I’m here to tell you everything about it. Epic has finally revealed its Big Bang Event in Fortnite. So what are you waiting for?

Fortnite has always been my favorite release by Epic Games since the beginning. Its Old Map is worth a hunt, and to make sure the fans continue to be crazy for this edition, it keeps us hooked with its massive event. Let the countdown begin because the Fortnite Big Bang is finally here!

Let’s be even more hardcore Eminem fans because that’s what this Fortnite season is all about. Excited to find out what to expect and everything you’ll get with the Big Bang Event in Fortnite? Let’s go further and unveil this Fortnite Big Bang Event!

What is Fortnite Big Bang Event All About | Spoiler Alert!

Fortnite big bang event

Fortnite Big Bang Event is the most-awaited concert by Epic Games. Although there is no official news about what will happen during the Big Bang Event in Fortnite, we have some unsaid spoilers. 

(You can freely hop onto its dates and timings section if you don’t want to hear any leaks)

Big Bang Concert will surely be our mega-live event to date. As revealed by a Fortnite leaker on their official Twitter account, Fortnite’s new event is set to feature ‘Eminem’ during their concert. Yes, this is true!

There will be three Eminem Variants. Including the old ‘Slim Shady’ and ‘Here’s What Eminem Looks Like Now’ variants, where he appears as a mafia enforcer, and ‘Magma,’ a version of modern Eminem skin. 

Let’s go further when is Fortnite x Eminem coming out and how you can watch it. 

When is the Big Bang Fortnite Event Taking Place: Date & Timings

The Fortnite Big Bang event is happening on 2 December 2023, Saturday.

The next Fortnite Big Bang event is happening on 2 December 2023, Saturday, which is right after approximately a year. So get ready for concerts, racing, music, and more. For the fans living in the US, the event will start at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET on Saturday, and the UK start time is 7 pm on Saturday. 

Despite the fact that this event of Epic Games has always been a huge hit, players are keeping their ultra high for what’s next stored for them. Earlier, many artists like Travis Scott, The Kid Laroi, and Ariana Grande have appeared in the game, and the expectations are higher for this time. (This year is going to be a BLAST, IYKWIM).

How to Watch the Fortnite Event 2023 | Book Your Slot

Fortnite big bang event

You can stream the Eminem Fortnite event by heading through the Fortnite menu screen about an hour or 30 minutes before the event’s start time as per your country. Click on the menu, and you will get to see the event. Select it and sit in the pre-game lobby before the event starts. Isn’t it COOL?

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Fortnite Big Bang Event 2023. Give this article a thorough read and get ready for an exciting journey on 2nd December. Next month is full of celebrations. However, this one is my favorite. I cannot wait to see my idol performing, and I hope we are on the same page. Let’s spam my comment section with your side of the story. 

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