How To Fix Destiny 2 Buffalo Error: 5 Main Causes & Fixes

destiny 2 buffalo error

Destiny 2 has a new antagonist in the form of an error. Destiny 2 Buffalo Error is the new Joker to the Batman called Destiny 2, a new healthy diet for someone who doesn’t want to do dieting at all. From a gamer’s perspective, Destiny 2 Buffalo Error is like someone pulling the plug while you’re immersed in gaming.

Destiny 2 is often considered the most popular looter shooter ever made, with immense gunplay and engagement; because of its popularity, gamers are always keen to learn more about the game; for instance, the new challenges in Destiny 2, or the walkthroughs are highly searched topics.

Destiny 2 also had various bugs and errors, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with some trickery. So, hold your horses and read this article till the end to figure out what could cause the Destiny 2 Buffalo error and the different ways to fix the Destiny 2 Buffalo Error.

What Causes Destiny 2 Buffalo Error | Reasons For Destiny 2 Buffalo Error

destiny 2 buffalo error

There could be various reasons for the Destiny 2 buffalo error; based on these, there could be multiple ways to fix it. According to the testimonials of various Gamers around the world, Players may encounter Buffalo Error for one of the reasons listed below : 

1. Logging Into Destiny 2 On Multiple Devices

If you log into the game simultaneously on multiple devices, there are significantly higher chances of facing an error, particularly a buffalo error. So make sure you are not logged into multiple devices before you start the game.

2. Platform Service Is Under Maintenance

If the user hasn’t signed in with their platform account, oftentimes it leads to an error; In the case of Destiny 2, it’s Buffalo Error. Also, at times, the platform that you are using to access this game is under maintenance as well. Whenever that is the case, you can face multiple errors.

3. If The Necessary Subscription Has Expired

There is a high chance that you can face Buffalo Error If your subscription to the service provider (Playstation Plus or Xbox Live) has expired.

4. Change In IP Address Or Connection Drop

If you are using a VPN while accessing Destiny 2, changing the location on the VPN midway through the game will result in a change of IP address; this is known to be the most common cause of Buffalo Error in Destiny 2. Along with this, even a slight drop in your network connectivity due to the new location of the VPN can also lead to a Buffalo Error.

5. Antivirus Or Safe Web Software

Oftentimes, many games require certain permissions to be accessed on your device. Certain Antivirus or Safe web software restrict external applications or games to override the device’s permissions. This could be one of the reasons behind the Destiny 2 Buffalo Error.

Now that you know the possible reason for the Destiny 2 Buffalo Error, stay with us to find ways to resolve it.

How To Fix Buffalo Error In Destiny 2? 

destiny 2 buffalo error

Below are some of the most common fixes of Buffalo Error in Destiny 2 according to various gamers who encountered and fixed it.

1. Log Out And Re-Login

Logging out and logging in again to your service provider often fixes the Buffalo Error in Destiny 2. 

2. Check If Your Subscription Is Up To Date

If nothing seems to work out and you can not find a solution to fix Buffalo Error in Destiny 2, then make sure your subscription plan is up to date.

3. Log Out Of Other Devices

If you are signed into multiple devices, then you do not have any other solution other than logging out of other devices first and then logging into the device that you are using to play Destiny 2 at that particular moment.

4. Disable Antivirus / Safe Web Software.

As mentioned above, some antivirus applications do not allow permission to access external sources; therefore, you can disable these antivirus and safe web applications while playing Destiny 2.

Editor’s Note: Steam is under maintenance on Tuesdays to conduct weekly maintenance between 6 PM and 9 PM EST. If you’re using Steam for Destiny 2 in that timezone and facing Buffalo Error, you can only wait a while.

Wrapping Up

Just like gamers don’t want to stop gaming, we wouldn’t want our readers to quit reading, So be with us for more updates, tips & tricks in the world of games, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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