Roblox Da Hood Halloween Update 2023: Dates, Events, Free Codes & Items!

Da Hood Halloween Update

With the Halloween fever all around as fall quickly approaches, Roblox games have started to roll out or announce their Halloween updates. From Royale High to Adopt Me, Roblox Halloween updates are finally out in the open for us to explore. But when is the 2023 Da Hood Halloween update, and what’s new?

Da Hood always has exciting additions to its Halloween celebrations with impressive gun packs and skins. The good thing about the latest update is that you can still use the Roblox Da Hood Scripts and updated Da Hood Codes. But even better, I have exciting Roblox Da Hood Halloween codes and cosmetics!

All Roblox Halloween updates are amusing and worth the wait for Halloween, but the best part is that you get them every year. So, are you excited to learn all about the Da Hood Halloween update in 2023 and get the free working codes? Let’s go and get them!

When is The Roblox Da Hood Halloween Update 2023 Coming?

Da Hood Halloween Update

The Roblox Da Hood Halloween Update 2023 and Halloween event was released on 2nd October 2023.

Da Hood finally released its long-awaited Halloween update for 2023, and we’re excited to explore every inch of the new map. The Da Hood Halloween update 2023 was released on Monday, 2nd October, 2023. We are not sure how long the event will last, but judging by last year’s standards, it will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks.

Da Hood Halloween Codes: Working Halloween Codes (2023)

Da Hood Halloween Updates

The update is finally here, but what if you need Da Hood cash to get all the new ammo and items? You’ll need the 2023 Da Hood Halloween update codes so you can get the money you need to enjoy the game’s Halloween. Lucky for you, I’ve got the Da Hood Halloween codes updated on October 2023:

Da Hood Halloween CodePerk
HALLOWEEN2023250k in-game currency
DHSPOOKYIn-game currency
YABOYWILLIn-game currency
MELONBEARIn-game currency

Da Hood Halloween Pack 2023: Halloween Items & Updates

The Da Hood Halloween update doesn’t just bring you codes for massive in-game cash; there are many new features and exciting items as well. Roblox’s Da Hood has new packs, skins, events, and items during Halloween.

Da Hood Halloween Updates & Packs

Da Hood Halloween Updates

The Halloween update in Da Hood has some exciting updates and packs that you might miss if you explore the game only partially. To help you out, I’ve listed everything in the Da Hood 2023 Halloween Update.

Da Hood Halloween Updates & Packs:

  1. New Trick Or Treat with ghosts
  2. Event Tasks & Weekly Challenges
  3. Halloween features and decoration
  4. Orange sky
  5. New Raygun Crate
  6. New Halloween Skins Pack
  7. New Soul Skins Pack
  8. Void Skins Removed From Crates
  9. New Map Extension
  10. Minor Bugs fixed

Da Hood Halloween Gun Packs & Ammo

Besides the usual updates, skins, and packs, Da Hood finally released the long-awaited ammunition that we’ve been waiting for. I’ve got the new gun packs and ammunition in the Da Hood 2023 Halloween Update for you

Da Hood Halloween Updates

Da Hood Halloween Gun Packs & Ammo in 2023:

  1. New Gunpacks
  2. DB (Double Barrel)
  3. Rev (Revolver)
  4. RPG
  5. SG (Shotgun)
  6. Tact (Tactical Shotgun)
  7. Knife

Wrapping Up

Roblox’s Da Hood Halloween update has some impressive additions, like the new gun packs, Trick Or Treating with ghosts, new skins, and so much more. Since the Halloween update is already underway, you can start exploring everything spooky and comment to let me know what else you found! Have suggestions or feedback about the Da Hood Halloween? Share with me!

Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Redeem My Da Hood Halloween Code?

To redeem your Da Hood Halloween code, click on the Treasure Chest button when you open the game and paste the code into the text box.

Q2. When is The Da Hood Halloween Update 2023?

The Da Hood Halloween Update for 2023 was released on 2nd October 2023!

Q3. How Do You Get Money in Da Hood on Roblox?

You can use Da Hood or Halloween codes to get in-game currency or Da Hood cash.

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