10 Best Perks of Harley Quinn In MultiVersus | Strategies & Attacks

10 Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus | Best Unlockable Perks, Attacks, Moves And Strategies To Win!!

Fans all around the world have already fallen in love with MultiVersus and its iconic characters even though MultiVersus is only in the stage of beta. In MultiVersus each character has his\her own unique nature which gets fans to go soo excited and crazy enough to choose from the wide list of characters. Harley Quinn is also one of the iconic characters of MultiVersus and our article is completely based on Harley Quinn in MultiVersus. So, let’s take a look at the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus.

Our beloved DC character Harley Quinn and her goofy character is a perfect fit for an assassin class of MultiVersus right? From the iconic journey of Harleen Quinzel a psychiatrist of Gotham City to one of the greatest villains of Gotham City. We all love her story, and her bold, humorous, and crazy character. Or be her iconic journey from a psychiatrist to a villain or be her iconic love story with her patient Joker. Isn’t she a perfect fit for MultiVersus? Let us know your opinion on this in the comment section below. Now, let’s know more about the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus in a detailed manner. Scroll on to know more.

Harley Quinn is an Assassin archetype in MultiVersus. This suggests that she is a character that is focused on combos and has rapid quick moves. The rest of the article entails everything you want to know about Harley Quinn in MultiVersus before choosing her as your character. So let us dig in right away and know more about the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus and much more about Harley Quinn’s character in MultiVersus.

Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus

Looking for the best character to choose in Multiversus? Well, you need to know something about the characters before you choose them, right? So here we are to help you out with a complete detailed guide about Harley Quinn in MultiVersus.

You have to know about the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus to ensure that you stay in the game longer and ultimately win the battle. Harley Quinn is fast in MultiVersus as she is in the assassin class of the game. 

These are the perks/feature which makes Harley Quinn unique unlike any character of MultiVersus. These Harley Quinn perks give her character an edge over the others-

Perk 1: Glove Control

Greater airtime provided by glove control allows Harley to better manage her air strikes. This is one perk among the Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus

Perk 2: Smooth Moves

At the beginning of her Prank Shot, Harley acquires some invulnerability.

Perk 3: Confetti Explosion

If she uses the Confetti Debuff on an opponent five times, they will receive a vertical knockback.

Perk 4: Coffeezilla

Harley Quinn can experience an extra 10% cooldown on her specialities with this perk. Consider using Make it Rain, Dog if you’re on a team! This benefit gives the squad a 20% speed boost for projectiles!!

Perk 5: Snowball Effect

The team’s damage against the fighter who has the most damage is raised by 7% thanks to this Snowball Effect.

Perk 6: Up, Up, and A-Slay

Up, Up, and A-Slay is a perk that increases the damage dealt by your squad while attacking foes by knocking them back upward by 5%.

Perk 7: Last stands

When your squad reaches 100 points of damage, they can do 10% more damage.

Perk 8: Slippery Customer

 A 10 percent longer dodge invulnerability window is granted to your squad.

Perk 9: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down

When attacking foes that have been boosted, your team can do 5 percent more damage

Perk 10: Triple Jump

After striking an adversary in the air, the triple jump command forces her to make the third leap.

10 Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus | Best Unlockable Perks, Attacks, Moves And Strategies To Win!!

These are all the best perks for Harley Quinn In MultiVersus. Out of all these Confetti Explosion is the most beneficial and enjoyable Harley Quinn perk to me. Don’t you think vertical knockback is cool? Let us know your favorite perk/feature of Harley Quinn in MultiVersus in the comment section. Now knock your enemy off with the most incredible Harley Quinn moves.

Best Strategies To Win As Harley Quinn

Pick the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus and rock it. Although Harley Quinn is an extremely speedy fighter and deals good damage, she also absorbs a lot of damage. This means that you must be deliberate in your activities, waiting patiently on the sidelines before causing harm when the time is right. Once obtained, I advise you to equip the Confetti Explosion Perk since it can be a powerful finisher strike against opponents who have a high percentage score. Dropping a Jerk-in-the-Box and then chaining just five hits is all it takes to activate the Confetti Debuff with Clown Combo.

Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus

As a result of Harley Quinn’s vulnerability and tendency to act alone, Wonder Woman would be a good partner for Harley Quinn. To assist mitigate her disadvantages, you might want to think about including some Defense Perks. Besides her disadvantages, she is good to go. Use these strategies to your fullest till you win.

Attacks To Use As Harley Quinn In Multiverses

Make use of the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus when you are in need, be it in emergency battlegrounds or for fun in MultiVersus. This is the list of all the available attacks that you can use in MultiVersus as Harley Quinn.

Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus
  1. Whack: You can charge a mallet swing with this attack
  2. Clown Combo: Combo of kicks and bat swings which will end with an upward swing.
  3. Heads Up:  A full charge of Heads up will hit with a twirl before the swing.
  4. Slider: Charging a slide attack extends the distance of the slide. 
  5. Aerial Pummeler: Harley Quinn can charge and swing her mallet beneath her. 
  6. Flying Kicks:  A combo of flying kicks that ends with Harley Quinn bouncing back from her opponent or enemy.
  7. Confetti Grenade: She can fire a grenade launcher overhead, dealing Confetti Debuff with enemies.
  8. Boxing Ringer: Can charge & fire a boxing glove projectile down.

Special Moves Of Harley Quinn In Multiversus

These are moves which make our Harley unique in MultiVersus and make you choose Harley Quinn as your character. These are the perks of Harley Quinn which can stand out as Harley Quinn’s specials

Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus
  1. Stuffie Bat: 

Equip a stuffed bat bomb with Stuffie Bat. To hurl the bomb and connect it to fighters, press special and a direction simultaneously. To detonate the bomb, press input once more. This will damage and boost foes with Confetti while refreshing the air moves of friends. Every boxer receives a knockback. Toss many bombs just before a cooldown.

  1. Prank Shot: 

As Harley sprints forward, a boxing glove projectile is launched behind her.

  1. Batter Up!: 

Harley Quinn sprints up and swings her baseball bat.

Wrapping Up

You know everything about Harley Quinn in MultiVersus now. Be it perks or moves. We wish you all the very best for your next battle round of MultiVersus and make our Harley Quinn proud and happy by winning the battle with the coolest moves and ways possible. Make use of this article the Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus to your fullest and share it with the ones who are in need. Stay connected with Path Of EX for more updates Happy Gaming!!

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