5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers & Addresses | Updated 2022

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No one ever likes to be trapped in Prison, anyway. However, getting blocked in one of the Minecraft Prison Servers always feels extremely exciting due to the extreme features it brings to its players. Let’s dive into this article a little deeper and see which of the 5 best Minecraft Prison Servers deserves your time and efforts in this Minecraft world.

Minecraft servers have been the most popular element of Minecraft since the day it was launched. Be it the survivor servers, towny servers, or the faction servers. And to top up such popularity, we have the massive Minecraft Prison Servers coming up to make the blast among the users indeed.

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Read further to know the 5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers we have for you in 2022 and see how your prison life could turn into something more than what you expect it to be. Check out and see how your Minecraft world is here to offer you the most mind-blowing prison life ever.

Top 5 Minecraft Prison Servers & Addresses

Take a look at Best Minecraft Prison Servers & their Addresses-

1. The Archon

5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers & Addresses | Updated 2022

The first one we have on the list of 10 Best Minecraft Faction Servers is The Archon which is known for its high-quality modes and custom game mods majorly by its users. Its prison mode offers a custom resource pack to its users and allows them to curate a wooden theme in their world. It also provides a wide range of features in the gameplay like skyblock, factions, and survival modes that comes as a win-win anyway.

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2. Purple Prison

5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers & Addresses | Updated 2022

Going on with the list of 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers, Purple Prison is a highly popular game server among players that provides them with an upgraded version of mining throughout the gameplay. It also serves them with a reliable structure of building and trading, that could be done with other players, and overall, serves a good set of guards, prison cells, and PVP areas for realistic prison brawls.

3. MC Prison

5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers & Addresses | Updated 2022

MC Prison is the best-suited Minecraft Prison server that works well for the newbies as it gives immense freedom to its players throughout their usage. It allows them to mine, donate, build, fight or do all of the possible stuff to upgrade their server in every manner. And overall, it helps its users to form a friendly community throughout their gameplay even with PvP active.

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4. Minecraft Central

5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers & Addresses | Updated 2022

Being the oldest one among the 5 best Minecraft Prison Servers, Minecraft Central is the highly active and invested game mode present for skyblock, creative, PvP, survival, factions, and minigames. It has a rare prison system and offers both public and private mines to its players, with a wide range of rewards.

5. Mineville

5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers & Addresses | Updated 2022

The last one we have in the list of 5 best Minecraft Prison Servers is Mineville which is the only one to be featured as the Bedrock server till now. It offers a reliable mining experience to its players and the presentable miner costume gives a suitable prison experience to its players.

The 5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers working in 2022 are The Archon, Purple Prison, MC Prison, Minecraft Central, & Mineville. See which of the server gives you the best prison experience and rate each one of them below.

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Watch Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Wrapping Up

This was all about the 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers in 2022. Read each one of them and see which one works the best for you. Also, do drop your experiences below.

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